No-sew stereo makeover

>> Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quick reminder, now is the time to bring in some branches to force! These are pear branches, I haven't tried those yet so we'll see if they blossom

This little makeover is about as simple as you can get. I'll explain how I did it just in case anyone else has an old stereo that they'd like to change.
 So, I'd like to get a lovely wooden Tivoli system someday when the budget allows. But until then I was getting tired of my stereo's blue speaker screens (that I had managed to spill paint on at some point.)

When I finally decided to update them, I realized it was actually really easy. I wish I had done it sooner. The screens are made up of fabric stretched over a plastic grill and the whole thing pops off. I wish I had noticed that when I was trying to clean off the paint! Anyway it can get dusty back there so it's a good opportunity to tidy that up.
Then just rip off the old fabric. Punch a hole with your scissors in the centre and pull the fabric away around the edges. It's basically just glued down and if you tug the whole piece of fabric will come off.

After that cut a new piece of fabric to fit. Just trace around the screen and leave a little extra to tuck around the back. I used one of my favourite linen prints, grey fish and waves on white. If you use a patterned fabric you can decide exactly where you'd like the pattern to be placed and which way is facing up. Also the patterns could match or be symmetrical to each other.
Then apply double sided tape around the edges of the plastic screen just on the inside.
It doesn't have to be perfect!

Place the screen in the centre of your fabric (wrong side of fabric facing up, front side of screen facing down), pull the edges of the fabric over and press onto the tape. It's like upholstering a chair seat, attach the centres first, then work your way around and gently press the edges of the fabric down on the tape while tugging very gently so that the fabric is snug but not stretched out of shape.

Once the fabric is attached all around you can use an extra tiny bit of tape to tidy up the corners, then trim away excess fabric.
Pop them back onto the speakers and you're done. That's it!


sew nancy March 31, 2010  

i'm forcing branches too. the funny thing is last year i prepared a mixture and smashed the ends and this year i just stuck them in water and they are doing just as well.
happy spring!

Fowl Single File March 31, 2010  

You had me at "simple." I love this idea and hope to use it soon! Thanks!

Lucie March 31, 2010  

love the idea of forcing branches inside.

J. E. Morris April 01, 2010  

Great idea Claire.

Jannie aka Chickengirl April 01, 2010  

Its amazing. Its now so updated and modern! It looks like it could be in some very expensive catalog :-)

carotte,  April 01, 2010  

I have the exact same stereo! It works perfectly so I don't have any excuse to change it, so I think I'll try your 'update' :) .

Jessica April 03, 2010  

So clever! I love it.

Susan April 06, 2010  

Amazing - it looks fantastic. I have the same stereo and have always been annoyed that there were grubby marks on the speakers but I can sort that now and personalize it for my own room. Thanks for sharing! :)

Priscilla,  April 10, 2010  

I love the stereo covers idea. Do you have to use a special type of fabric, a loose weave?

Claire Louise Milne April 10, 2010  

I used linen which has an open light weave.

I guess you wouldn't want to use anything to dense or heavy which might affect sound quality, but this is a pretty average stereo anyway, I doubt I would notice a difference.

My guess is quilting cotton, linen or similar would be best.

ayumi August 27, 2010  

I love this idea and what a great material you used!

Anonymous,  December 29, 2011  

Unless the fabric you're using is 100% acoustically transparent you may be sacrificing sound quality for a crafty aesthetic.

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