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>> Friday, March 26, 2010

Notice Miss Sleepy Head is the one dozing in the background

I guess it might have something to do with Easter... but these little guys are turning up everywhere. Here they are hiding out in Bradley's knitting basket.

So there's a yellow one:
She's perfect for spring, with a cheerful mix of yellow prints and a yellow floral ribbon around her neck.

And there's a blue one:
This one has a retro style zigzag fabric combined with a blue vintage floral carefully salvaged from a 30s apron. I saved every scrap of fabric from that apron! Luckily it was torn or I wouldn't have been able to cut into it in the first place. She has a little crocheted neck warmer.*
*No I didn't crochet it myself, it's really just a scrap of trim.

Here's the back view:
These two have already been doing some crafting together:
But all three are besties. Hmm. I've never written that word before, it looks weird.
None of them have names because they're all leaving me to go to friends...


sweetie pie press March 26, 2010  

uh oh. bunnies at the trunk show? it's karyn's weak spot. and a grey one? she might explode.

Susan Mitchell March 26, 2010  

These bunnies are adorable! I love the fabric combinations that you used :)

antmee March 26, 2010  

More cute rabbits! And I must say that I'm envious of your fabric stash too!

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