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>> Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So after the show I had to nip into a shop I had noticed on the way over, a new flea markety type shop called "The Melissa". It's right across from The Theatre Centre, at 1080 Queen Street West. I had peeked in the window and it looked so tempting.

This shop is full of my favourite types of things: vintage tins, boxes, fabric and ceramics. I was browsing and chatting with the owner and mentioned that I was just at City of Craft. She wanted to have a look at my things, and we ended up doing some swapping! Amazing. This is what I chose:
This small box caught my eye right away. It is possibly a small toy box from the 50s - it isn't the right size to hold single records as you might think so we weren't sure what it was for originally. The outside has a picture of a dog in the corner, and the inside is papered with a toy motif paper.
I found a few small sewing/textile odds and ends, my favourites are the "Fascinating Trims", cards with lace trim wound on them.
I also found this large glass jar (so perfect for craft supplies)...
And a small Blue bird toffee tin with thatched cottages on it.
Then as I was heading out (Bradley was patiently waiting for me) Melissa gave me the blue needle book at the top of this post! The funny thing about my blog name is that every time I see the words "needle book" anywhere I feel like it's about me. Or mine. If you know what I mean.

Anyway, I recommend this shop, obviously, because it's full of wonderful things and has a very friendly owner.


Jacqueline Hudon-Verrelli December 17, 2009  

That box is great. Good find.

sew nancy December 18, 2009  

Oh, I like the box.
It's quite possible that it may have been a doll carrying case. I saw one like it recently in Victoria Magazine in which they showed porcelain dolls and clothes in a box similar looking,

Valerie December 29, 2009  

The box was a great find, and I love that little vintage tin. Things like that are so evocative of times past.

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