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>> Friday, December 11, 2009

sleepy side detail

This is my last post before City of Craft tomorrow, and my last attempt to lure you out to my table. This first item looks like two items, but it's actually a doll ornament with two sides, one is a sleepy face, and the other is wide awake.

It's what I'm going to refer to as an heirloom ornament, because it took a looong time to make, and so it's more expensive than most of my things. All that detail! Sometimes I try out a new design like this and realize it isn't going to work out when it ends up taking days to complete. So this is the only one.
wide awake side

sleepy side

wide awake side detail

This is a little crochet jewellery box, for those favourite earrings you wear all the time and would like to keep handy beside your bed.
Inside of the jewellery box

There's a cardboard tube on the inside, lined with fabric, so it holds its shape nicely.
Last but not least, I made a few of these Love shoppers from a blue floral vintage sheet. They have an appliqued heart on the front in white. These are $10 each or free with any purchase over $50 (while supplies last). Sometimes you just feel like you need to buy a little special something to make you smile, and the Love shopper wants to carry it home for you.

And finally here's the coupon (I didn't manage to get it ready in time for the swag bags):
Reasonable facsimiles accepted (and will entertain Bradley no end). Hope to see you there!


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