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>> Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My favourite new display item for my table is this sign, a hoop with an embroidered owl showing you where to find the needle book things.

City of Craft was (as expected) amazing. I love everything about this show. I had a good time at my table, it was very busy, and there were so many friends and friendly people to chat with. Also I was too busy before the show to do any shopping, plus feeling poor, so I loved doing a bit of crafty shopping while I was there, and some swaps.. all thanks to Bradley manning my table while I snuck off to look around. Oddly enough both needle books sold while he was there alone, along with two requests for needle books after they had sold out. I will definitely make more soon!

Ok, now I don't know who decided I should be located right next to Pleasurecraft, but lucky for me, Kristyn was interested in swapping. We swapped a LOT. Yay! Thank you Kristyn, you are the best neighbour. Look at all this lovely fibre goodness (in my own basket):
I finally bought a merit badge from Lee Meszaros:
I've been eyeing these crocheted cookies by Shannon Gerard for a while, and also bought a wee cactus that comes in a thimble. We were sitting across from Shannon being hypnotized by the fastest crocheting I've ever seen.
This gorgeous vintage wool pillow with Elk motif (lines by: davis) came home with us too.
I bought this original artwork by Greasy Chicken Face... And now after seeing The Fantastic Mr. Fox, the characters in it kind of remind me of the ones in the movie. Love the artwork, loved the movie.
And last but absolutely not least, this beautiful bird brooch came from the talented and sweet Kalpna (Old Weston), who actually wanted to swap. Lucky me!Thank you so much to everyone who visited, and in case you couldn't and wish you had, I've booked a spot at the Tranzac for the Artisan's Gift Fair next Sunday, December 20th. But more about that later..


sweetie pie press December 16, 2009  

i can't believe that i was so swamped on day two that i didn't get in on the end-of-show swapping at all. such is the bane of a bean-counting organizer.

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