Green yarn done!

>> Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am so proud of this yarn I can't tell you

Thanks so much for the comments in my last post. I took your advice Amberlee, and decided I should ply my green yarn after all. I loved the way it looked before, and the delicate weight, but am resigned to the fact that it wouldn't make socks that would last. Now that the yarn is plied it's worsted weight so the socks will be nice and warm. The colours have blended to create an overall greenness.
Now I need a niddy noddy so I can make skeins without my husband's hands

Anna's comment led me to her beautiful blog, wildflowers::pretty which coincidentally had a post with a nice simple sock pattern for worsted weight yarn. At the bottom of the post there are some handy links for anyone new to sock knitting. I love the nice simple brown socks she made. So I think that's the pattern I'll start with and see how it goes.

p.s. I found errata for this sock pattern on Ravelry posted by jeaniesmith. Become my Ravelry friend: my name is needlebook!


sew nancy October 28, 2009  

oh, thanks so much for the link to the sock pattern. i'm going to cast these on this week. they look easy and great

Amy October 28, 2009  

The yarn is gorgeous!!! Going to check out the sock pattern. Funny how I spend more time looking at patterns than actually knitting.

Leila October 28, 2009  

This yarn is beautiful. I don't understand all the things you say about it -- I'm a quilt person with a very ignorant knitting person hidden way inside -- but I really love it.

Amber October 29, 2009  

I'm glad I could help! This just looks so squishy and yummy! And yes, the niddy noddy is a great too; it makes it easier and you can figure out your yardage with it. Happy spinning (and knitting).

Jaimie,  October 29, 2009  

Back up now ... a niddy noddy? Surely you jest. This must be the day for fun-sounding words: my word verification for this post is "ninga!"

Anna McClurg October 31, 2009  

this yarn is gorgeous! ahhh...i simply must start learning how to spin my own yarn. this looks just way too cool.

and thanks for the mention! i'm now starting to experiment with smaller needles in worsted weight.

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