>> Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I've made great headway and the giant heap on the dining table has turned into two overflowing suitcases. One has the scrappy fabric packs, buttons, beads and vintage tins. The other has a mish-mash of odds and ends and larger pieces of fabric.

I went a little overboard with the fabric packs and created lots of the scrappy ones:I have a new vintage suitcase I really like, it's green, and so my vintage yellow suitcase will be up for sale. This is the new one:
This could be a good way to clear out some things that are hard to let go. But I've found that when I try to gather up things to sell I find myself changing my mind. It's like I'm hoarding things from my own hoard which is something only you fellow hoarders will understand. You get a fresh look and come up with new ideas for things and decide you might need them.

I am fighting my hoarding habits though, so if I can let them go, here are more of the things I'm adding to my rummage sale:I have more things than will fit in my suitcases so new things will be added throughout the show!


Kathleen Kibblehouse October 15, 2009  

Great stash! I too am a hoarder when it comes to craft supplies, but somehow when I bundle them into little "gift sets" it makes parting with them a little easier. BTW, we share the same bedspread! Couldn't help but notice.

Carmen October 17, 2009  

That little bird-looking thing in the last photo is adorable!

Lisa PN October 18, 2009  

so lovely to see you today,
and i keep on thinking about your suitcase. hmmm..maybe my home is it's new home?

hope all is well for you!

Suki Allen October 19, 2009  

Wish I lived closer to rummage through your treasures!

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