Hallway hoops

>> Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Thank you for all the positive comments about our house. It can be pretty stressful selling your house and our case is no exception! In the meantime, as requested, here's a detail of the hoops in the hallway. I posted them a while ago but didn't get a great photo of them as it wasn't a sunny week.
I got this idea from Blueprint originally, I think, then saw Karyn's fabulous version in the workroom.

Today I'm getting ready for the Love & Rummage trunk show at the workroom. I'm going to be selling my usual handmade things plus some extra vintage items. I've been trimming up some business cards as I ran out at the City of Craft show which was so busy.
The show is this Sunday so please visit!


Johanna Masko February 04, 2009  

Love the hallway hoops! I really need to do this in my house- though, do I want a reminder of all the fabric I own? Why, yes i do!!

Anonymous,  February 05, 2009  

I've seen some hallway hoops elsewhere that were cute too. The idea must be catching on. I love your hoops. They're really eye-catching and fun.

Anonymous,  February 05, 2009  

The hoops are so lovely! The colour is wonderful.

sloeginfizz February 20, 2009  

Thank you! They are so great. I'm inspired to put together some of my own.

Katy February 26, 2009  

These are just wonderful the colors and patterns you have used are beautiful.

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