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>> Friday, January 30, 2009

Hallway "After"

Today's reveal is the finished hallway. Doesn't seem like a big thing but it really has made a huge difference. Our house is fairly long with rooms in a row down the left, and all the closets to the right. We have two double closets, then a linen closet, then the pantry in the kitchen.
Hallway "Before"

When we moved in, the hall was a bit of a mess. It was painted a dark caramel colour, with a large box flourescent fixture. The doors on the closets were plain slab doors, but one of them only went halfway down, with a curtain tacked on at the bottom. The floors were peeling (and generally aged) vinyl tiles in a faux-marble pattern.

The first thing we did is change the light fixture which has 3 bulbs that create a soft diffused light. We painted the walls in Chalk (which matches the living room walls).
We changed the doors to bifold wooden slat doors painted Cloud White. We also changed the slab bedroom doors to freshly-painted new panel doors. Finally the floors were updated when we re-did the flooring in the kitchen and bathroom. Which meant also updating the baseboard trim.

I put in a little white bookshelf which creates a little vignette right in the middle - just a spot to put a lamp and plant and make the space cheerful.
Never underestimate the hallway - you do spend a lot of time there!


Jess January 30, 2009  

Thanks for the inspiration!
I have a deeply neglected hallway to attack.

rasita January 30, 2009  

That after shot looks great. They way you have done it makes the hallway look bigger and lighter. A lot more welcoming. Great job

SaritaSopita January 30, 2009  

Beautiful!! I love the way you have decorated the hallway, nice!!


Dawn Gahan January 31, 2009  

Creamy and comforting like vanilla ice cream. Adore the makeover!


Anonymous,  February 01, 2009  

your home is an inspiration. i can't wait until my house reaches this level of excellence! xx

Amy February 01, 2009  

Very nice makeover! The bookshelf is darling!

Jinnie February 01, 2009  

What a lovely hallway you have and certainly looks much better than the 'before' one. :-)

Anonymous,  February 02, 2009  

everything looks so amazing! good luck selling that house-

sloeginfizz February 02, 2009  

Gorgeous! But I wanna see a shot of the embroidery hoop art -- so nice all together in circles.

Kiri February 02, 2009  

the hallway looks great. i cannot believe youa re selling after all that work.

Anonymous,  February 04, 2009  

amazing how beautiful you have made your house. Great job!

Anonymous,  February 05, 2009  

Oh, it's not a little's huge...all that painting and tiny adjustments (or not so tiny) really makes a difference. It looks very nice.

Heather February 07, 2009  

After all the work to your house - why the heck are you moving??? I can't wait to see how you decorate your new space!

anastasia March 22, 2009  

the paint colors you chose are really relaxing; they're warm, but let all of the light into the space. the kitchen tiles look delicious, the cool blue goes nicely with the house. it's kinda bad that you're moving, you can't relax and enjoy all the hard work. it's all really lovely!

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