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>> Monday, February 23, 2009

All my Single Girl quilt rings are now cut out and ready to sew. I finished up with the cutting at the workroom during Quilt Sunday, then when I got home laid out everything on our living room floor. After a few more tweaks I'm finally happy with all the prints I have and how they're arranged so it's time to sew it together.

Katrina asked me about whether I would do hand piecing and I said "no" to doing that. But tentatively because I was thinking about it. I did a little reading online last night, and found an appealingly simple discussion/tutorial on the purl bee.

I started hand piecing but I'm not sure if my patience will hold out. I actually like the idea of having a little portable craft project on hand. Especially as we're still showing the house, so setting up my sewing machine and putting it away all the time is an extra chore. But it still means really slowing down the creation of this quilt.
And seeing all those circles lined up on the floor got me really excited about the quilt top!


Anonymous,  February 23, 2009  

Claire, it's beautiful!! I love the colors you chose, and how they all mix together. It's fantastic!

Johanna Masko February 23, 2009  

Lovely, Claire! It's going to be a stunner!

Anonymous,  February 23, 2009  


Anonymous,  February 23, 2009  

Gorgeous! I love the colors. I'm piecing the inner white circles as we speak ... I'm doing a king so this will take a while!

karyn February 24, 2009  

i just love all those purples together.

Unknown February 24, 2009  

Oh, such a beautiful job! The colors are fabulous. I really love it.

N. March 02, 2009  

This is so pretty - can't wait to see the final product!

dickespaulinchen March 04, 2009  

How lovely this is! I adore this pattern! And you choose really beautiful fabric!!Best, Katharina

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