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>> Thursday, April 05, 2007

This is my current WIP - a white wool felted purse knitted up with moss stitch. The fabric in the picture is going to be the lining.

The other project I just finished is for the sewing corner - a lattice covered cork board. I see these in magazines all the time and decided to finally make one after finding a cork board at Goodwill for $0.99.
The first stage was to cover it with fabric. The frame was too securely attached to remove, so I had to find a way to attach the fabric and still have it look tidy. I used a light blue cotton cut to the same size as the frame. Then I used a pencil to mark the dimensions of the cork part.
The pencil line marks the hem allowance which you fold over. Then you pin the fabric in place and make sure it's tidy and even all the way around. I used a staple gun to attach the fabric to the cork.
The last part is the lattice. (I wonder why I love lattices so much?) The little white bookshelf has a lattice inset too, so it's kind of a theme in that corner. I made the cork board lattice by marking off even intervals then pinning bias tape in place with silver tacks.

The bias tape is single fold, which works best. (I just found out the difference myself - previously I'd only bought double fold which wouldn't have looked quite right for this project.) Also, the tape is cut on the bias of course, which means it has a little bit of stretch, so after pinning it snugly in place, it will hold your odds and ends without the need of extra pins.
Here it is in the sewing corner - I also added a hook to the wall for my aprons. I think I'm finally done now! Thank you all so much for all the comments on my crafts corner, I'm happy to have inspired so many people, because I think every crafter should have their own little corner to work in.


Anonymous,  April 05, 2007  

Hello, I think your work is wonderful! I love the wool purse, and the flower is gorgeous. I also wish my craft room looked half as neat as yours! Several bombs have gone off in mine, and I've yet to clear through the debris!!

Berlinswhimsy April 05, 2007  

Like the previous comment, my little craft corner is a disaster right now and I am so envious of your beautiful space. It gives me some inspiration, though!

Anonymous,  April 06, 2007  

You have done a super job, I have a few of these cork boards lying around and if you don't mind I think I will take a lesson from you and do the same!

Junie Moon April 06, 2007  

The bag is great and the lining fabric you chose is perfect for it. Love the corkboard idea, too!

Anonymous,  April 07, 2007  

lovely corkboard, claire!
i'd love to make one of these for our living area. i have a feeling it would help me be more organised if i posted little reminders to myself on one of these.
happy easter!

Janelle April 08, 2007  

I'm getting ready to make a couple of lattice boards out of old corkboards--thanks for your instructions! You helped clarify my mind as to how to go about it!

Angel Jem April 09, 2007  

Like the notice board... It is such a good spot for inspirational pictures!

Anonymous,  April 09, 2007  

I am madly in love with your new desk! and I love your blog, and your work is wonderful! Well done! :o)

Di April 25, 2007  

Love your beautifully organised craft supplies! The cork board is great, and the collection of wicker and other storage boxes is lovely on display on the shelves.

TGS September 12, 2008  

Thanks for the step by step for the lattice fabric corkboard. I want to make several of these for Christmas ifts this year and just didn't know how to make one, but loved the idea in magizines and such. Thanks for the time you put in for posting your ideas!

Anonymous,  January 17, 2010  

This was extremely helpful. As I didn't want to cover my entire board with fabric. I too purchased a framed corkboard. I'm getting started right away. Thanks!

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