Illustration Friday - green

>> Friday, April 13, 2007

The picture above is a detail of the illustration below. It's meant to be a Spring picture, so the robin is busy singing, still looking for his mate.
I've been working on my slice of a postcard that our Illustration for Kids group is sending out collectively as a Spring promo. I thought it might also fit for the Illustration Friday topic "green".

Sometimes it's hard to be creative, I've been feeling a bit flat lately. Spring is always a nice inspiration though, and I like this peaceful scene. I'd like to be sitting under that tree!


Anonymous,  April 13, 2007  

Nice piece!

Anonymous,  April 13, 2007  

That's a luscious shade of green. I'd like to be sitting there too!

trudette April 13, 2007  

Very sweet picture, I realy like your style.

Carlene April 13, 2007  

Beautiful! I love that you've picked out a detail, then showed us the whole piece. Thanks!

imwithsully April 13, 2007  

This is so peaceful and soft. I like your illustration for "red" too. Very nice.

Heather April 13, 2007  

Beautiful picture! That would make a nice print for a child's room.

Angel Jem April 13, 2007  

Oh, yes! Reading under a tree is bliss (as long as no birds nest in the tree ;)

Lovely picture, very restful.

Anonymous,  April 14, 2007  

Your illo turned out lovely, Claire!

Nancy Bea Miller April 18, 2007  

This has such a refreshing feel to it, perfect for spring!

Jenny L. April 19, 2007  

You are such a wonderful illustrator. :)

DINTOONS April 29, 2007  

beautiful and peaceful!! :o)

valerie walsh May 02, 2007  

i love this! you always paint birds so beautifully!!!

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