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>> Friday, March 30, 2007

I finally finished my crafts corner! It's not much, I don't have a whole room to work with, but I love it because it means that all my sewing things are now organized in one corner. I used the blue crafts room inspiration page in my last post, but didn't end up changing the wall colour. But I did manage to get lots of blue into the corner.

The picture above is my favourite new accessory, a little ruffled ceramic dish that I found while thrifting. It's perfect for holding my pincushion and loose pins and thread while I'm sewing. Even if it wasn't useful I have to admit I'd still love it because it's so pretty.

Here's a picture of the whole corner. All my smaller crafts books are in the middle shelf of the small white bookshelf, and the large ones are in the birch IKEA bookshelf on the right.
I used wooden shelf kits from Home Depot, they're only $6 each and the wood has a nice border, and it's all ready for priming and painting. The white metal brackets I used are the same kind I saw in the Blueprint room, and I recommend them over the large wooden brackets that came in the kit because they take up less space. This was a tip from the magazine and I'm glad they mentioned it because otherwise the boxes on the bottom wouldn't have fit. I recommend planning out what will go on the shelves so you can make sure there's space.

These baskets, boxes and tins hold lots of sewing supplies, but the one on the top left is empty because it's getting so fragile. But it's the first sewing basket I had when I was little, which belonged to my great aunt and it's very special to me. I adored it and used it all the time. The lining is pink silk.
I gathered up some other blue accessories, pleased to find that my tea cup and Dorcas pin tin fit in with the colour scheme perfectly. The little blue case is a cheap party toy with the tiny balls that you have to try to fit into the punched circles. It had a clown picture, but I used another Martha Stewart magazine tip and opened it up and replaced the inside with pretty Japanese paper.
The chair slipcover is my pride and joy - my first slipcover ever and a perfect fit for the wooden chair. I also love the fabric - a new pattern from Fabricland that has a Japanese look to me. The flowers in the pattern are made up of tiny dots. I made a template with cheap fabric first, and while it is more trouble, it is worth it in the end.
I made a scalloped mat for the sewing machine from two pieces of wool, and cut a scalloped edge by hand. The secret to cutting scalloped edges is to clip the fabric with "v"s first, then round out the v's to make the scallops.
These metal boxes hold all my threads and other notions. I painted them both white to match. I covered the drawers of the IKEA box on the bottom with patterned paper, inspired by the lovely Blair at Wise Craft.
And finally, I found a plain wooden wastepaper bin at Goodwill, and painted it white and then added a blue bird on a branch with the leftover paint from the desk. I like the scalloped edge.
So that's it! The only thing that wouldn't fit in this corner is my fabric stash...someday I'll figure out what to do with that!


Anonymous,  March 30, 2007  

claire, this is so incredibly beautiful and inspiring. you sure did pack a wallop into a small space. i so love the blue and green...perfect. happy crafting!

Susan Mitchell March 30, 2007  

Wow, what a beautiful space and so inspiring! You can only make beautiful things while you are sitting there - and that slipcover is adorable :)

Anonymous,  March 30, 2007  

So organized! Very impressive! And love the blues.

Anonymous,  March 30, 2007  

Claire, it is gorgeous! I love it in every way...the color, the patterns, the baskets. Very inspiring as I will have a craft area in our next house this summer. *making mental notes*

Haust March 30, 2007  

Amazing! I love this space!!!

Funky Finds March 30, 2007  

this looks beyond fabulous! i love the tips about the shelves. and i so want a chair cover like yours. beautiful!

Unknown March 30, 2007  
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Jannie aka Chickengirl March 30, 2007  

holy smokes you are sooo talented! I love the blue color scheme and all the little details...the scalloped edge machine mat..yikes! So pretty. Very inspiring...!!

LBP March 30, 2007  

I love your space. It just invites creativity! The chair slipcover is amazing. I have never attempted a project like that. You did a great job.

Berber March 30, 2007  

The details are amazing... it's all so wonderfully put together!!
Love that blue as well!

Ruth Singer March 30, 2007  

hey, that looks lovely! the blue is such a lovely calm organised kind of colour. enjoy your space!

Hurrayic March 30, 2007  

This is so wonderful...the woolen mat, the colors, the baskets, the organization! I've never had a 'craft room' or even 'craft space' before except for now. And the present area is so disheveled that I don't want to be in there. Your ideas are inspiring.

Abby March 30, 2007  

Your room is so beautiful. I love all of the little containers and the chair slipcover.

sew nancy March 30, 2007  

claire- you got this done so quickly. i am very impressed not only with the beauty but, also with the wonderful organization and inspiring details.
btw- my order arrived safely and i love everything. thanks again.
now, how can i convince you to plan a trip here to organize my space?

sew nancy March 30, 2007  

me again. might i ask where you got the little boxes and metal boxes above the patterned paper ikea box? hope that makes sense

Claire Louise Milne March 30, 2007  

thank you everyone for all the nice comments!
The two metal boxes are vintage - I found one at the Antiques at the St. Lawrence market and the other was given to me by a friend. They come like that with the clear plastic fitted drawers. I think you can buy something similar at hardware type stores - they're generally used for sorting nails and screws etc.

I found that the drawers are the perfect size for a few spools of thread so I have my thread sorted by colours.


elisabetha March 30, 2007  

what a lovely craft corner! and i love the slipcover - i agree it looks japanese. it must have taken so much time to get every little detail perfect but it was all worth it!
By the way, thank you again for my new needlebook - getting it in the mail was one of the highlights of my week!

molly | March 30, 2007  

wow, it looks lovely claire. i love all the blue and the way it brings out the color of your beautiful sewing baskets.
and that slipcover for your chair is fabulous. I would LOVE to learn how to slipcover my furniture. I have some amazing fabric from my grandmother that I'm saving for just the right chair.

Anonymous,  March 31, 2007  

Oh my goodness. It's so amazing! I am totally in awe of the gorgeousness. So, uh . . . when are you coming over to do MY place?

Anonymous,  March 31, 2007  

Wow your craft corner looks great! So organised and inspiring, and your sewing machine is gorgeous!

gkgirl March 31, 2007  

this is magazine worthy!
it turned out wonderful...

Pieces March 31, 2007  

It is so beautiful! I love all the little details. Enjoy your new space!

pamela March 31, 2007  

sweet set up! I was wondering if you have problems with your portable Singer 'sticking' where the needle doesn't want to go down. I can't seem to figure it out- if its the bobbin or a gear.

LeeAnn April 01, 2007  

That turned out great! I fancy that color blue too. My favorite part is the shelving. Thanks for including the tips!

Anonymous,  April 01, 2007  

Wow, you've been working so hard, but isn't it worth it?! I love your bird paper bin.

Carlene April 01, 2007  

Wow, it looks great! I just finished cleaning my studio/office, now it's time to make it not just organized, but pretty, and you've given me such inspiration!

Anonymous,  April 01, 2007  

How lovely this all is ... Even your sewing machine is gorgeous!

Anonymous,  April 01, 2007  

I love love love your craft space!! You chose some of my favorite colors and I love the way everything is so neatly organized - just gorgeous!

Anonymous,  April 02, 2007  

This space turned out so pretty! You put a lot of thought and work into it. I love the blue sewing desk best!

Anonymous,  April 02, 2007  

That looks so great! Really inspiring. I immediately started running around our house (in my mind) to see if I could fit in such a lovely space. ;-) (but I'll have to do a lot of rearranging and move things around for that to happen)

Angel Jem April 02, 2007  

Brilliant looking studio space.. I hope you have many happy hours of creating there!

Anonymous,  April 02, 2007  

That is very awesome. Your slip cover is perfect and I love the wastepaper basket. Now I'm looking around my own office and saying "hmmmm..."

Anonymous,  April 02, 2007  

Your crafts corner looks gorgeous! I love the slipcover. Was it hard to make? I have an old chair that's in good condition, but not so pleasing to look at. A pretty slipcover would be the perfect solution. Is there a pattern you used that you would recommend?

Claire Louise Milne April 02, 2007  

I didn't use a pattern, the general idea is to measure the surfaces of your chair then add a seam allowance.

If you make a test version with old fabric (an old sheet maybe?) then you can fine tune your pattern. I put the test slipcover on the chair then drew the outlines with a black marker and then cut it apart again to use as a pattern. Every chair is different, so if you'd like a fitted cover you need to customize it to your chair.

Hope that helps!

patricia zapata April 03, 2007  

how pretty and organized! :)

Anonymous,  April 03, 2007  

It looks amazing!I love the blue white combination it's just so fresh.

jenn April 03, 2007  

gorgeous! I love all of the sweet and serene! What a lovely sewing machine, as well. So much nicer than my beaten up singer from high school...:)
I am sure your new space will inspire you to create many a beautiful thing.

Heather April 04, 2007  

I cannot believe how much you are able to fit into your space (I know how small it actually is)! You are a decore whiz! The colours and the configuration are so soothing and eye-pleasing. Really, really lovely.

Anonymous,  April 04, 2007  

Oh, I love it so much! I really need to finish mine. You've inspired me! You've really done a lot with the space you have and I really like how you organized it. Good job!

Anonymous,  April 07, 2007  

Hello from Italy:
Wow.....what a beatiful craft room.
I need something like this urgently!!!
Your are so organized!
Very inspiring, thank you indeed!

Anna April 14, 2007  

That is just beautiful! and very inspiring to see how nicely ones crafty things can be organised (mine are on a puddle on my desk)... :)

pedalpower April 20, 2007  

It's all so organized and pretty! I feel like I need to go up and tidy up my sewing room now.LOL

Samantha Caffee May 26, 2007  

i am so jealous! this is beautiful... the chair cover is wonderful.

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