Pretending it's Spring

>> Sunday, March 04, 2007

As promised, here are my new curtains that are filling in for wallpaper. I've been seeing so many pretty wallpapers recently, but it can be expensive and you can't take it with you! So when I saw this fabric I decided it was perfect. Also, my new desk is right beside the window and the old curtains just didn't seem good enough anymore.

Here's another picture so you can see the pattern better:
I'm usually not very patient, but the fabric was expensive so I took some time to finish them properly, with careful measuring, matching up of the pattern between the two curtains and a nicely hemmed lining fabric. That's right, they're actually lined. It's a bit tricky but if you'd like to know how to make this style of curtains I could do a tutorial.

I've also been making new things for the shop, I'm inspired by Spring which I'm pretending is just around the corner. This new blue flower charm necklace is now my favourite, I had to make another one for myself. I'm certainly never going to get rich this way, but at least I'm supporting my crafts habit.
And just in case you love the curtain fabric as much as I do, I made some pouches with the leftover fabric. And I made one for myself too. Oh well!


Jannie aka Chickengirl March 05, 2007  

look at all these things...multi-talented! I love how the necklace even matched the curtains, hehe. And I always welcome tutorials...

smarty pants March 05, 2007  

I would love a tutorial because I plan to make similar curtains, soon! Thanks.

Heather March 08, 2007  

hehe I'll just hire you to make me curtains! giggle!! They are REALLY gorgeous!!

. March 08, 2007  

Beautiful curtains! The colours are divine!

Katie Jean March 09, 2007  

I love those curtains, especially your fabric choice. And you have beautiful things in your etsy shop!

Dale Anne Potter March 11, 2007  

Those curtains are BEAUTIFUL but the little bag is GORGEOUS!!!

wendy harbaugh March 12, 2007  

does any one feel like the sound of music should be playing in the back ground. I love the curtains I also loved the ones in the sound of music before she cut them all up. the outfits she made was cute. So if you ever get tired of your curtains clothes here they come.

jenn March 13, 2007  

Beautiful fabric choice for the curtains! I have been obsessing over curtains forever now, and still haven't come to a decision. Where did you find that lovely fabric?

Claire Louise Milne March 14, 2007  

Thanks Jenn, the fabric is from Fabricland. I noticed they had it at MacFab too, slightly more expensive there though. It also comes in other colours - brown and black and tan - all with the creamy white background.

thanks everyone for the comments!

hannah March 19, 2007  

Hi, just discovered you via tinyhappy, love your illustrations and i am so lusting over your new desk. will be back again to see what you are up to!

Lana March 20, 2007  

awesome site! You've got some very nice stuff! Check out my knitted stuff at

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