More jewellery (and no yarn for a year?)

>> Friday, January 12, 2007

Once I rediscover a craft I can get a little bit obsessed about it! I can't seem to stop making jewellery. So I've been busy turning my new silver findings into more earrings, necklaces and one bracelet. The things I don't keep or give as presents are now in the shop at
In the meantime I have also done a little felting and embroidering and made two eyeglasses cases, one for me and one for the shop.Part of putting all these things into the shop is an early effort to spring clean. Our apartment is very small - I love it because it's cosy and really has everything we need but it means you definitely have to keep your belongings under control. So this new site caught my eye - no yarn for a year! I saw it just before boxing day and so I picked up some yarn at Romni's big sale and I'm going to try to leave it at that. Of course the exceptions make it liveable - it's ok to buy yarn to finish a project, or for a specific gift.

My extra exception is thrifted items - if I see a nice bag of yarn at a flea market for $5 I'm not going to pass it up! Unless of course it's acrylic as sadly those grab bags often are. And generally I think it's inspiring to have some sort of stash on hand because I always look through what I have before I buy anything and it can give you good ideas. But I'd like everything to fit into my one cabinet and not have extra bags of yarn squirreled around the apartment!


Heather January 12, 2007  

hehe...I can just picture you stuffing yarn in all the nooks and crannies around your place! (Do you need some of those lab specimen tube jars for beads? I have extra.)

AMCSviatko January 14, 2007  

You could always remove the sofa cushions and stuff the covers with your stash...

Oh - and I really like the glasses case.

Anonymous,  March 21, 2007  

this is beautiful work

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