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>> Saturday, January 27, 2007

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Everything came together this evening - I'd been meaning to do an Illustration Friday for ages, and I had also had an idea about combining reds in a painting. This is probably the first in another series of bird paintings, but this time with colours rather than seasons as the theme.

This one is also a mixed media, starting with sepia pen & ink, then watercolour, then collage with paper and pva glue overtop. It took me ages fiddling with bits of paper and as usual I thought it was terrible until right around the point when I decided it was finished and that I quite liked it after all.

Here's a detail:
For anyone who likes birds and would like to know, this is a Vermilion Flycatcher, native to California (hence the orange blossom tree).

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pati January 27, 2007  

Hehehe... in my country we have a similar bird and we called it 'Cristofue'

I love ur illo, very nicely done.

Carlene January 27, 2007  

I knew I recognzed your name! I visit your blog regularly, and own one of your bird cards. So nice to see you here (Illustration Friday). This one's beautiful, too!

Susan Mitchell January 27, 2007  

Hey neighbour (on illo frdiay)! What a beautiful illustration, love the colours and the collage elements :)

Jannie aka Chickengirl January 28, 2007  

Delicious! Its nice to see your work in such a vibrant color- the collage is a great touch too.

Geninne January 30, 2007  

Lovely little red birdie!

Starry Designs January 31, 2007  

Very pretty! You are so talented :)

valerie walsh February 12, 2007  

i adore this Claire! simply beutiful!

Paige Keiser February 14, 2007  

Lovely Illo! Claire, I just wanted to let you know that I'm a HUGE fan of your drawings! Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous,  March 21, 2007  

that's a gorgeous illustration.

Anonymous,  March 21, 2007  

that's a gorgeous illustration.

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