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>> Thursday, August 03, 2006

Well our wedding invitations have all been mailed so now I can share the illustration I created for them. It's another in my bird series. I chose robins because I love robins, I think they're so handsome and charming and I always like seeing them around. Like most birds they are monogamous, and they love to eat ashberries. Of course they like to eat worms too, but I thought an ashberry tree would be more picturesque.

The full design is like this:
And I had a white piece of paper over the top with the invitation wording on it, and a tiny ribbon that tied it in place. The invitation itself was in a pink tissue paper envelope, and it came with a matching reply postcard with pink paper envelope. It's been lots of fun getting those pink envelopes in our mailbox and knowing what it is!

It was very time consuming making them, but I've had lots of compliments and it was fun to do. Today I'm working on sewing my veil. There's not a lot of information about making your own veil online. So I've kind of had to work it out for myself. I could share the how-to with you guys, is anyone interested in that? Ok, back to my sewing now.


Anonymous,  August 03, 2006  

beautiful, simply beautiful

Junie Moon August 03, 2006  

Your invitations are wonderful!

Dannielle August 03, 2006  

the illustration is lovely and the invitations as a whole sound divine!

Lilli in Vancouver August 03, 2006  

Oh, this is so lovely. It reminds me of the illustrated letters that my grandmother used to send me when I was little...

"Mr. Robin Redbreast lives near Gramma's house and has been wondering where Lilli has gone since her last visit. He wants to fly over her house and say Hello..."

This sure helped me with my reading :)

roz August 03, 2006  

Lovely invitations, congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

molly | August 03, 2006  

it's beautiful. i love that your invitation is so personalized.

Funky Finds August 03, 2006  

wow! i bet they are stunning. terrific are very ambitious!

Anonymous,  August 04, 2006  

All that work really shows and was so well worth the effort you've put into the invitations. So personal.
We've been watching 3 robins' nests around our place this year. Not only have we noticed that the robins are monogamous but that they share the responsibity of caring for their young. Their SECOND sets of babies this summer are just now leaving the nests and learning to fly under the watchful eye of the parents!
We often see them stop to land on the mountain ash tree that we planted in honor of our son's birth 6 years ago which finally has berries on it for the first time this year! Yay!
We had a picture of mountain ash on the inside of our son's birth announcement, by the way, too.
Congratulations! An autumn wedding?

Anonymous,  August 04, 2006  

just beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!

Tania Ho August 04, 2006  

how beautiful, claire ! August 04, 2006  

What a beautiful illustration.

.. August 04, 2006  

That wedding invitation is definetely a keeper, I love it!

Anonymous,  August 05, 2006  

I love your invitations! The illustration is perfect and so beautiful! Congratulations!!

astridpersons August 06, 2006  

wonderful: I love robins as well and so did Emily Dickinson:

If I shouldn't be alive
When the Robins come
Give the one in Red Cravat
A memorial crumb.

Well, I know maybe not appropriate for a wedding, but if you love robins you must read her poems!

Knit Picking August 08, 2006  

Lovely invitations, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Allison August 10, 2006  

I love love love the robins. The colors are perfect. Love your blog!

Anonymous,  August 11, 2006  

Lovely! I love the colors, style, etc.! Any chance you could post the ensemble...The finished product (invitation w/ tissue, envelope, etc.)? As well as you described it, I really want to see it!

Claire Louise Milne August 11, 2006  

Sure I can do that! Thanks for asking.

Anonymous,  August 14, 2006  

Your illustration is beautiful and thoughtful, perfect for a wedding...I know you're not supposed to, but...congratulations!

Carla August 14, 2006  

Your invitations are beyond lovely.

Anonymous,  August 15, 2006  

Oh Claire, these are so beautiful, what a lovely wedding invitation!

Melissa A August 17, 2006  

beautiful illustration!


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