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>> Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Still not much time to make new crafts to post so I thought I'd share some pictures from my Japanese crafts books - I've been meaning to do this for ages! I'll try to pick pages I haven't seen on other people's blogs yet. I'll dedicate this post to Andrea, who loves cats so much :-).

The first page I'll share in this post is from the very popular nuigurimi style, ISBN4-05-604179-2. This page is covered with some very charming cats. The pair at the top of this post are my favourites, I love the plaid dresses. I think I like the character on the left the best, she has marvellous colours and such a friendly sweet face. The picture below is a scan of the whole page, but I thought I'd show each picture close up since all the cats are so wonderful.The two cats below have such realistic poses - can't you just see a cat looking inquisitively up at you like that? I don't have a cat of my own but I've looked after tons of them. My favourite cat belongs to one of my girlfriends and his name is Bicir (pronounced Bidger). He's very clever and while he was staying at my house he learned how to climb up the ladder into my IKEA loft bed in about two minutes.
And finally, of course, I had to show the two cats getting married. What a handsome couple.
Well that's it for today - more Japanese craft book scans to come soon!


Claire Louise Milne August 23, 2006  

My friend went to Japan - so I gave him a couple of isbns to look for. I was so happy to get them!

Melissa A August 23, 2006  

I like the inquisitive cats the best! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous,  August 23, 2006  

The kitties are cute but your invitation is BEAUTIFUL and creatively inspiring! Who says you haven't any time for crafting?

Anonymous,  August 24, 2006  

The cats looking up remind me of my Chloe, who was around for 20 years! Still miss her..
Your invitations are lovely and so romantic!

Unknown August 25, 2006  

these are sooo cute!

Anonymous,  August 29, 2006  

ooh! dedicated to _me_! I'm famous!! thanks Claire :)

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