Winter knitting - Kirju mittens

>> Friday, December 20, 2013

Lately I've been knitting constantly and finding it makes me very happy. I wanted to show off my latest project, these pretty mittens! I love this pattern, it's called Kirju by Viki Wallner. It was just what I was looking for, a fingering weight yarn pattern that creates enough texture so the mittens are nice and warm.
I also have a bad habit of buying (and spinning) variegated yarn then having no idea what to knit with it that I'd actually want to wear. The texture in the stitch really shows off the little bits of colour in this hand-dyed Rhichard Devrieze Peppino (from Purple Purl in Toronto). This was an impulse buy, but worked out perfectly for one pair of mittens with a tiny bit of yarn leftover. 
You can see my notes on Ravelry, and while you're at it, become my Ravelry friend! For years people would ask me if I'm on Ravelry but I wasn't using it very much. But now every time I'm going to knit a pattern I go to Ravelry to see how it looks on other people, what their notes/tips were and even how it might look in my particular yarn. So helpful!

I finished knitting these mittens a few days ago and then lost them on their second day out. I was so disappointed, looked for them at home and knew they were at work, then looked for them at work and was certain they must be at home. Anyway, I finally asked at the staff entrance at the ROM where I was working in-house and the security guard said, "why didn't you just ask?" and handed them right back to me. They were even sitting on a shelf behind him in plain view! So happy to have them back.


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