Paris Poodle

>> Thursday, February 23, 2012

This week was busy with illustration work but I did manage to do a last minute entry to the Spoonflower contest with the topic "bicycles". It's called Paris Poodle, a poodle bringing home her baguette. One time, I did actually see someone bicycling home in Paris with a baguette sticking out of their basket, but it wasn't a poodle. I have to be honest. You can vote for Spoonflower bicycle fabrics here.
Last week's contest had the topic "jellyfish". I didn't think that topic would inspire me, but sometimes you can be surprised at what you'll come up with in these situations. It turns out jellyfish are kind of a popular motif right now, I didn't know that. I'm still loving mustard, so that's the colour scheme I chose for my jellyfish design (Jellyfish Drift), but I'm finding I've also veered into loving yellow too. Especially with white and grey. In the case of Paris Poodle I think yellow works because it's a more whimsical design.

I've ordered samples of both so I can put them up for sale when the swatches arrive. There are lots of new fabrics in my Spoonflower shop now, including the Yellow Rose print I've shown previously, and a blue and white version of the Art Deco Parrot fabric, my current favourite. I ordered a yard of the cotton linen to make cushions so I'll show you those in another post.


sew nancy February 23, 2012  

The paris poodle is very sweet.

Jaimie,  February 29, 2012  

I am also liking yellow with grey more these days, it's very unlike me. Love the Paris Poodle!

Muffin March 02, 2012  

i voted for your poodle fabric! I loved it! I love all of your fabric designs! how fun!

excel courses sydney March 05, 2012  

Paris poodle is very nice and wonderful. Its design, fabric and looking is so attractive. I like this pix so much.

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