Ditsy sea creatures

>> Monday, February 06, 2012

The Spoonflower contest this week was fun, the theme was "ditsy sea creatures". In case you didn't know, a ditsy print is very small scale, so small that "At a distance, a ditsy print looks almost like a solid color". It's also a scattered print with no obvious repeat.

I always wish you could zoom in a bit more to see the fabrics better, especially with the small scale prints, so I thought would show you a close up of my design "Little Schools" (you can also click on it to see it larger):
The main thing that doesn't show up very well in the preview is that I added a linen texture to the background. I updated my design at the last minute because I thought the first one was just a bit too fussy. I like this one better. I also like how it looks from farther away, as if it's just scattered specks of colour.

p.s. I've been busy sewing too, there are lots of new wristlets in the shop.


NessaKnits February 07, 2012  

Is that spamming I see!

Claire Louise Milne February 07, 2012  

Yes, they appear overnight like mushrooms and I have to clear them out in the morning :)

leah b February 08, 2012  

i really love the vintage feel of your designs, claire! these fish are incredible - do you think you'll be selling this print?

Claire Louise Milne February 08, 2012  

Thank you so much Leah! that's a real compliment since I love vintage fabric so much that's the design style I'm working on.

I like this print now... so I will be ordering a sample so I can put it in my Spoonflower shop. I'll let you know when it's there!

Claire Louise Milne March 01, 2012  

Little Schools has arrived! http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/977890

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