Quilted pouches

>> Monday, August 08, 2011

I've been taking a little blogging holiday this summer, apparently. So here's a little post just to get back into the habit, some new quilted pouches that are making their way into my shop today... The colours of some of them didn't come out quite right in the photographs so I'm fussing with them, but the first three are in there now.


SeamedUP August 08, 2011  

This is SO cute, I love it!

I would love to see your work on SeamededUP.com - a new quilting website a la ravelry!

Thanks, Allison

(ps - full disclosure, I am a co-founder of the site).

Claire Louise Milne August 08, 2011  

Right, I forgot about this! Ravelry but for quilting? I'm in.

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