Acorn needle book - redesigned

>> Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just in time for fall, here's an update to my acorn needle book. I happened to find a little length of Japanese ribbon with squirrels on it at a sweet little shop called Polka Dot Kids. I don't have kids but for some reason... I'm not sure why... I still go into this shop anytime I'm passing by.

Often I tell myself I'd better not splurge on something just because it's adorable. But ribbon with squirrels on it? Well that's actually a logical addition to my sewing supplies. In fact, since I didn't already have ribbon with squirrels on it, I was essentially filling a gap in my supplies. You know, being practical.

So now the acorn needle book is back, with a little squirrel ribbon for a stem and quilt batting inside to give it more structure. I redesigned the shape to be more symmetrical after realizing that the front needed to match the back so that it all lines up when assembled. The acorn needle book is in my shop now, with more on the way.


Jend222,  August 25, 2011  

Welcome back! I missed your blogging. Will have to wander over to your tiny handmade blog and see you have any updates there. LOVE the acorn needlebook. Very cute and ridiculously so with the squirrel ribbon.

Beadie Eyed Edie August 27, 2011  

Very cute! The Squirrel ribbon purchase was essential :)

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