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>> Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vintage treats: small "train" suitcase,  apothecary glass jar, floral tin from England

One of my other birthday treats was a trip to St. Jacob's where there is a huge Farmers' market, with a giant Antiques & Collectibles warehouse across the road. When we first discovered the warehouse in the winter, we were hurrying home, so I only had half an hour to rush through, so the big treat was to come back this weekend with lots of time to look around.

I've been meaning to recommend the place as it's amazing. It's the kind of place where each dealer has their own partitioned "room" and the contents range from gorgeous antique furniture to cheap and cheerful $3 vintage tins. The sheer amount of stuff will put vintage lovers into a happy daze.

There are also a couple of places in the town that have antiques. I found the little glass apothecary jar from Hamel Brooms on King Street in the old blacksmith's shop. I'm not sure what I'll do with it but it had a pleasing quality about it that I couldn't resist.

Then Sunday was the Spring Trunk Show at the Workroom, I had a great time and picked up a few treats. It's hard not to get tempted by the charming handmade things that inevitably surround me every time Becky and Karyn curate a show.
This time I picked up a pocket pony (I hadn't realized these existed but immediately discovered that I needed one) and a green rabbit from Stitch Face who is just as sweet as her creations.
I also bought a pretty vintage robe from Becky, that I can't seem to stop wearing. This picture really isn't doing it justice - it has flattering vintage shaping and a charming floral print:
Finally I picked up some fabric I can't wait to sew something with, from Kalpna's rummage department and some vintage dress patterns from Karyn.
As always the Workroom is such a homey place to have a trunk show, so much fun chatting with everyone and wandering around looking at all the crafty inspiration. We had a beautiful day for it. Thank you to everyone who dropped by!

My other birthday treat was that Bradley made me my very own monkey cake! I'll post that next.. I'm warning you now that the sock monkeys helped out so you can skip that post if you can't take the silliness.


Urban Cynic April 21, 2010  

wow what lovely things you bought - I love the print on that robe - adorable. There's also something very pleasing just about the word apothecary!

mari April 25, 2010  

Just wanted to say hello and that I'm delighted to have discovered your blog (via a comment you left on the Made by Hank blog--the pretty image you've chosen for your Blogger profile caught my eye). I was intrigued to see that we have quite a lot in common--I'm also an Aries and a fan of Austen, Mika, and Lost in Translation, as well as many other favorites you've listed. I love Stitchface, too, and recently acquired one of her adorable pocket ponies. You are clearly, however, much more accomplished at sewing. I love your Etsy shop creations and have added a number of them to my mental wishlist.

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