Martha Stewart Monkey Cake

>> Friday, April 30, 2010

Francis lounging while Fifi does all the work

As promised, here are the picture of my birthday monkey cake. The recipe was from Martha Stewart, I had first seen it in the much missed Martha Stewart Kids magazine. Bradley used a different recipe for the interior, but it's still banana cake, of course.

I wasn't there, but these pictures were taken by Bradley so I could see that he had some help...
 Although Francis doesn't seem to be helping much at this point..
But he does seem to be helping himself to some icing sugar..
Yum! Francis is transfixed by the delicious icing.

And finally, the beautiful finished monkey cake. The cake dome has a lip around the bottom, so Bradley put the ears on a bit higher which makes the cake look a bit like a bear. Bradley used chocolate buttons for the eyes, cut ones for the nose and a twizzler for the mouth.
And just so you can see how it's made, here's the inside! The gist is that you use a circular pan for the bottom layer, and a bowl for the top layer. Bradley cooked the ears in ramekins. So clever.
And the cake was delicious! Next up, I've been obsessed lately with sewing dresses.. lots and lots of them..


mari May 03, 2010  

Bradley is one clever guy! And obviously sweet and funny, too.

MJ May 14, 2010  

Oh that is so cute!! I love the monkeys in the pictures! :) Just came across your blog while searching for needle books and am now a happy follower. :)
Greetings from London, UK!

~ Phyllis ~ May 17, 2010  

Oh, that looks yummy.

Tinuviel,  June 03, 2010  

I love it when the monkeys do all the work!

Millie July 03, 2010  

This sure caught my eye as one of the cutest blog posts i have seen. I saw you when googling for needlebooks (because i just posted a picture of mine on my new blog). I saw yours and thought you had a great blog name and that I would stop in. I am glad that I did. I will be back later to read more here; it's nice to "meet" you. I love your photos. And that cake looks delish and makes me think I could try dec'ing a cake again. Have a nice day!

Claire Louise Milne July 28, 2010  

Thank you for the lovely comment Millie! And thank you for visiting!

elisabetha July 28, 2010  

what a sweet husband you have -- and what an adorable documentary of the monkeys monkeying around!

Jennifer DeDonato September 18, 2010  

So cute...I love the outcome.

Anonymous,  October 01, 2010  

looks everything so good!!!

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