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>> Thursday, November 26, 2009

One of my donations to OCAD's Whodunit show,
pen & ink and watercolour

With all my rushing around last weekend I didn't manage to attend the OCAD Whodunit sale. This sale is an annual fundraising event that features artwork by students, emerging and established artists that are not named until after the show. Each piece of artwork is the same size, 5½” x 7½” and may be purchased for $75.

I was emailed about donating to this show, and I had determined to do it. Unfortunately I hurt my back near the deadline so I ended up staggering down to the OCAD building to deliver my artwork at the end of the last day it was due.

Today I found out that one of my paintings was chosen for the Gala Silent Auction and I was invited! The email didn't get to me in time as it was sent to the wrong address, people often miss the "L" in my email.
My other donation to OCAD's Whodunit show, featured in the Gala Silent Auction

I felt so flattered to be picked for that, it made me really happy as I was pretty insecure (as always..it's exhausting) about my artwork. I don't know yet if my two pieces of artwork were sold, but if they haven't they will be returned and I'll offer them for sale myself.


Jess November 26, 2009  

These are both stunning, I love them!

Lucie November 27, 2009  

Me too, I really like your artwork. And I saw the Sleeping Beauty earlier this month and found it breathtaking too.

Erin November 27, 2009  

They're gorgeous, Claire!

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