Busy busy weekend

>> Thursday, November 26, 2009

pretty apron from Susan

Last weekend was so busy! On Friday I met up with my friend Susan from Montreal, a fellow illustrator and crafter. She makes beautiful little needle felted animals that appear in the unbelievably charming vignettes in her calendar.

We did a bit of a swap and I don't want to make you jealous, but look at the lovely things Susan brought for me (as well as the apron on the top of this post!):
floral upholstery fabric, silk threads, striped ribbons, glass and mother-of-pearl buttons, silver ribbon, lacy white and blue ribbon, and not one but two versions of little red riding hood ribbons. I love everything so much!

We visited the workroom for the Sheridan student sale, and as usual we were greeted by the friendly Maisy, were inspired by the crafts, coveted the workroom fabrics and fed delicious cupcakes. Thank you Karyn!

On Saturday I rushed down with Bradley to the Movies & Makers craft show, hosted by Lisa of GirlCanCreate. I was nostalgic since I grew up going to the Fox Theatre every weekend for the matinees. Once again, lots of craft inspiration. And a delicious cupcake from Lisa, thank you!
That morning we just happened to pass by the Beaches United Church bazaar on Wineva Ave. and I found these adorable pillow cases. Bradley has graciously suggested that I am welcome to cut his up to make something else.
Shortly after that I met a friend to see the Sleeping Beauty ballet at the Four Seasons Centre. It was everything I had hoped, absolutely beautiful and full of fairytale wonderment. I bought a pair of pointe shoes that belonged to Juri Hiraoka who was Emerald. She was so lovely!

So that was my busy busy weekend.


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