A post Christmas lull

>> Monday, December 29, 2008

The Christmas rush is over now so I'm having a quiet day and trying to catch up with chores. After Christmas I always want to clear things out of the house so I've finally sorted through my collection of old cassette tapes (those got a big laugh from my 15-year old nephew) and so I'm now listening to The Smiths - "Strangeways, Here we Come". Ahh, nostalgia. It's not what it used to be.

So anyway I was going to show you the things I bought at the City of Craft show! I had to buy the City of Craft tote - although of course it didn't come with any swag. I also swapped with Tania for the sweet rabbit pincushion with cutie pins in it. Tania chose a wool crochet flower pin from my table. I love swapping at these events. (visit this post on Tania's blog to see her adorable animated gif)

I also bought this handmade terrarium with toadstools set inside some moss. Bradley and I were sitting right next to Holly Procter who had a table full of these whimsical creations. It's sitting on our kitchen windowsill now.
Then I bought this acorn necklace:And last but not least a lovable doll from Pupa pupa.She's a deer. I love her soft little scarf and the sweet details like her hooves. I know I'm a grown-up and everything, but she's just for me. Her name is Mitzi.


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