Craft of Craft show - afterwards

>> Friday, December 19, 2008

City of Craft was amazing! Everyone was raving about how well organized it was and it was so busy. It's so much fun to have lots of people visiting and to walk about myself and chat with fellow crafters. The ceiling was decorating with tons of beautiful tissue snowflake hangings and the whole place looked so busy and full of so many great things!
I was so busy managing my table and looking around at everyone else's I didn't think to take any pictures of my display. This is a quick pic taken with only three needle books left and only one deer pincushion.

Some little gift tags, with my Thumbelina illustration and a detail from my Owl and the Pussycat illustration

As usual I bought lots of things that I couldn't resist and there were a few more I barely resisted. I noticed a few things at the beginning that I liked and many of them were gone by the middle of the day. I'll show the things I bought in the next post...


Anonymous,  December 21, 2008  

Everything looks beautiful o)

Lisa PN December 23, 2008  

It was so wonderful to have seen you at the city of craft! Your table was beautiful!
I wish you the most wonderful of holidays and hope to see more of your creative goodness in the new year!

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