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>> Monday, October 27, 2008

The two purple floral prints are Liberty

So I've made lots of progress cutting out pieces for the single girl quilt and I have lots of fabric to spare. It's a great way to use up scraps as the main part of the quilt is just solid white. Although of course you can change that and I've seen some great versions with colour backgrounds.
The purple floral at the bottom of this picture is Liberty

I haven't decided for sure but I think my background is going to be a cream coloured muslin. It seems to harmonize better than white with several of the vintage fabrics I've used. Almost all the fabrics were odds and ends from my stash, but I did buy a few of my favourite pieces on holiday. They're all Liberty prints from a few different places.
The 3rd-from-left floral is Liberty fabric cut from a nightgown from the Gap that was too big.

Our trip began with a flight to Glasglow and I just happened across a great fabric store while we were looking for a bus stop. It's called Mandors, and it was a large shop with lots of variety, including a corner full of tartan wool fabric. They also had some great Liberty prints, even some large scrap pieces of Liberty fabric in a basket.
The 2nd from the top is Liberty fabric from the Glasgow shop

One of my other favourite fabrics was from etsy, a tiny set of 24 quilt squares made from vintage fabric. But they were too small! I liked them so much I seamed them together so that I could create the 12 pieces needed for the pattern piece. Extra work but the print was so perfect, with purple and orange, I just hope the seam doesn't show too much.
The orange and purple floral near the top is the one I seamed together from smaller pieces.

I'm liking the orange and purple together.
And finally of course there's also lots of prints from the workroom, including this adorable Matrushka doll print. I just picked up a big stack of fat quarters there at Quilt Sunday (where I did more chatting than cutting but had a great time). Next I'll show you the pillows I made with the green bamboo print!


Anonymous,  October 27, 2008  

This is so pretty. I love the combination of purple and orange.

I love how you show what you're talking about. :)

Krista October 27, 2008  

I don't think the seam is too noticeable. However, when I stay at my grandmother's house, the guest bed has a quilt my great-grandmother made, and there are two or three pieces that are stitched like that. I look for them, and it always feels like a game to find them...and I imagine Mum sitting in her little Depression-era home, sewing that quilt during her spare time. I think the sewn-piece makes it more meaningful. It's handmade.

Anonymous,  October 27, 2008  

I've been eyeing this pattern and your fabrics are making me want to make it even more!

What is the name of the fabric that has orange and brown dots with stripes and plaid? I made a small gasp when I saw it!


Claire Louise Milne October 27, 2008  

Thanks Suzanne!

Thank you Krista for the comment, I like to think of it that way too.

Tina, I can't remember the name of the fabric, I think it came from The Cotton Loft or Cia's palette (links at the side of my blog) but I'm not sure which one. It may have been a reproduction print.

Cele October 28, 2008  

Amazing colours. I really love the orange and purples together. Liberty prints are fantastic.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe October 28, 2008  

I'm hoping the liberty fabrics are less expensive there then they are here.... nice fabrics.... its so lovely...happy sewing...

Anonymous,  October 28, 2008  

Heya! I just wanted to wave and say "hi!"

I use the needlebook you swapped with me anytime I'm making something. The little house on the cover is lovely.

I should say I abuse that little book. Not only does it hold needles, but also bits of embroidery floss, and wool stuffing, and a needle threader. Oh! and a few buttons.

Anyway! Just wanted to stop by and say hi, since I end up thinking about you almost everytime I craft, lol.

Happy belated anniversary!

distelfliege October 30, 2008  

I really liked to see the pictures :)
cream coloured muslin is also on of my favourite fabrics.

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