>> Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm back! We just had a really long holiday traveling all around Britain for the past two and a half weeks. Our first stop was Glasgow, then Edinburgh for 3 days and then we drove up north and over to the Isle of Skye. After that we visited the Lake District, a quick stop in Wales, then back to Dartmoor and finally London. Whew! I'm tired. It was a lot of driving and several places we had to find somewhere to stay for the night after driving all day. I don't drive, but I did do a lot of navigating and helped at the roundabouts and in mazes of small country roads.

My favourite aspects of the trip:
1. the scenery: so beautiful everywhere especially on the A and B roads
2. finally visiting Hill Top and seeing Beatrix Potter's lovely cottage and artwork
3. all the animals we saw: rabbits, birds, deer, cows, sheep, horses & ponies, peacocks, geese, hens and even miniature and wild ponies!
4. shopping: flea markets, Liberty, stylish clothing shops, Scottish welly and woolens shops.
5. lovely things to eat: Scottish porridge, cream teas and chocolates... why don't we have toffee yogurt here??
6. spending every day together (awww...)

I couldn't wait and ordered the "single girl" quilt pattern online. I've spent the day cutting out pieces... I'll show you my new purple prints from Liberty next!


Jinnie October 14, 2008  

Welcome back! That sounds like really a nice holiday. Maybe more pictures to show too? I would love to see them. Last month my husband went to England too for his work. And he said it's really nice there. :-)

Victoria Findlay Wolfe October 14, 2008  

WOW! that is a lot of driving! We go up to Inverness a lot to see friends.. i love scotland, most beautiful place I've been. Just don't wanna live there... my hubby was born there too!

Anonymous,  October 15, 2008  

It sounds like you had a great time! I'm rather proud of Scotland - we do have amazing scenery. Do you taste Irn Bru or haggis? Both rather odd, but yummy!

sew nancy October 15, 2008  
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sew nancy October 15, 2008  

oops sorry i didn't mean to delete my post

I was trying to fix a grammar error.

Scotland and England are both amazing.
I visited Scotland a little over 2 years ago - my last vacation and fell in love. England was the year before and also loved it. I am English and Scottish through my maternal heritage! I wish I could live there. I really love it.
Welcome Home.

I also have One Girl but, have yet to start it.

Anonymous,  October 19, 2008  

Hey just came across your blog. Mmmmm toffee yoghurt is the best! Glad you like Britain. My ancestors used to live at Hilltop Farm. They sold it to Beatrix Potter.

elisabetha October 26, 2008  

i have just came back from traveling around UK as well, and absolutely loved scotland! i'm envious that you got to see the lake district...i'd love to see some photos. did you find peter rabbit? :)

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