>> Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm revising my sewing corner now that I have the new sewing table and this is one of my favourite things. I've loved inlaid Victorian boxes for years and finally found the sewing box I liked best on ebay. It wasn't the fanciest one by far, but it has all the details I've decided I wanted after years of gazing adoringly at pictures online.

On the outside it has nice inlaid wood in a detailed pattern. The main wood has a nice colour and patina. The inside of the lids of these antique sewing boxes are usually covered in ruched velvet, or have a button-tufted upholstery kind of look, or are just plain silk. This one is a bit unusual with the lattice pattern on green silk. Most of the boxes are lined with pink or blue.
My favourite parts are the trays with compartments. This one is fitted with silk-covered pincushions, and some silk-covered lids with small mother of pearl buttons.
This is a detail of the mother of pearl cartouche on the top. Sometimes these are silver, and some have engraved initials.
And there's a matching mother of pearl escutcheon - which is what the little detail around the key is called. Unfortunately this box didn't come with a key - but after all it's not that necessary. It would keep the lid closed while carrying the box around but it's not really meant for travel - well, just travel around the living room.
And this is the inside with just a few odds and ends. Mostly tins that keep pins, snaps and buttons. A place for everything and everything in it's place. Heaven!


Kathleen September 20, 2008  

Wonderful box and I love the green silk too.

I came over from decor eight after checking you out on flickr as well!

Lainey September 20, 2008  

Hi Claire,

I also came via Decor8...and have bookmarked your blog. Love your stuff! I was amazed to see my dining table & chairs (via my parents) in YOUR home! What a coincidence, especially considering I grew up in Toronto but now live in Los Angeles. Small World!

CC September 21, 2008  

i love your box - box seems such an ordinary word for such a lovely item - it makes me want to touch it - if you know what i mean - like a piece of art

Jinnie September 21, 2008  

I followed your blog from Decor8 too! I was browsing for some vintage decor style for my house and that's how I found your blog. You seem to have done a lot of lovely stuff-- I mean your drawing, painting, decorating, and craft. Oh, you can do so many things!!! I think from now on I will come a lot here since I do a lot of stuff myself too. I love decorating my house and I also painted and wallpapered the whole house myself. Now I am thinking of making some quilt. Never did it before and no idea how to start :-D

I would love to read all blogs you have written but since it's almost 4 am here so I will do that another time. :-)

Jinnie September 23, 2008  

Thanks for visiting my blog too! That windmill header photo was taken on the way back home from the beach trip 2 years ago. Ah, now I miss going there again. We went there in the early autumn. Was a little bit cold but also lovely. Not crowded like in summer I mean. :-)

OK, now I am reading your old posts. You house looks lovely!

Jess October 17, 2008  

How very very beautiful!

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