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>> Sunday, September 14, 2008

I know this doesn't look like quilt preparation but I've been thinking a lot about my next quilt. I've decided on the pattern but I think I will show you that later. But first of all, the colour scheme was inspired by this little vignette in our living room.

As you may know I like monochromatic colour schemes, but sometimes even I get bored of it. But it's definitely not going to be some madcap multi-coloured extravaganza. Maybe someday...

I also just spent the evening sorting through my quilt scraps. Which is a small white vintage train suitcase filled with little pieces of fabric that I've saved up especially for quilting. They're either flea market bundles of quilt pieces I've bought, bits I've picked up at fabric swaps or leftovers from other projects.

I organized all of them by colour so I could see how much I had. So now I'm thinking the colours will be orange: And purple:With some yellows and pinks thrown in. Oh! and white.

It's a bit odd because lately I've been loving green. I guess that will have to be the next one...


Anonymous,  September 15, 2008  

umm. i'm REALLY excited about this future quilt of yours. the colours are inspiring!

Anonymous,  September 15, 2008  

I really like the colours in that quilt also! I can't wait to see it later on! :)

Kali September 15, 2008  

oh wow ~ these colours combined together look fab. Now I'm getting excited about your next quilt!

Cele September 15, 2008  

Those colours sound Great.I hope you will give us a sneak peak at some of the fabrics.

sew nancy September 16, 2008  

the color combinations sound very energizing
i too would love to see the fabrics you have picked out

melissa September 17, 2008  

hi i found you through karyn's site!
i was wondering, did you buy the pretty drawers like that? or did you cover it with pretty paper yourself? let me know! i have something similar from ikea and the natural color is quite uninspiring.

Claire Louise Milne September 17, 2008  

Thank you!
This is my post about what I did with the IKEA box:

quero embrulhARTE September 18, 2008  

i realy like your blog and i like this flours since my childhood,thanks for sharing.

Anonymous,  September 21, 2008  

I love the mix of purple and orange. I have made coasters in these colours. Can't wait to see your fabric choise!

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