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>> Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yesterday I went to the stitch 'n' bitch at the workroom. We had such a nice time with lemonade and cookies and chatting and sewing. As usual it's a great way to see what others are working on and get ideas. And buy more fabric...

I bought these fat quarters, then some other fabric for a skirt which I'll show in another post. I was inspired by a vintage navy blue British Airways bag with white piping I saw in a vintage store on the way to the workroom so that's what the navy blue is for. The others are just because I love green right now.

On the way there my friend and I stopped off at Queen Antiques, a wonderful dusty old shop that sells vintage and antique lamps and lampshades. I managed to find two matching milk glass shades that are perfect for my new blue lamps (as previously mentioned found at our family garage sale).These shades aren't vintage, so very reasonable at $6 each. I've always wanted to go in this shop, it always has beautiful vintage lamps hanging in the window. But it's usually closed when I go by.
I like the little scallop detail at the base of the lamps.

It's the kind of place where it helps to ask for help, because there were things tucked away all over the place that I didn't see, including these shades. I can't remember the exact location of the shop but it's on the north side of Queen St. between Ossington and the workroom!When I got home I washed the shades right away and tried them out. When I turned on the lamp in our kitchen for some reason it made me nostalgic for doing homework on the kitchen table when I was little. It suddenly felt like a fall evening in the 1970s in our kitchen. Our telephone was next to the kitchen table and it looked like this.


Cindy June 11, 2008  

i saw your photos on flickr. i love the lamps and i'm off to explore your blog.

Heather June 11, 2008  

OMG! We had that phone too! LOL Love, love, love the lamps and the shades are just perfect.

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales June 11, 2008  

Those lamps are a perfect touch to your sweet little kitchen. (I love the Ikea table/chairs set too.)

LOL Yep, we had one of those phones too. In fact the one at my grandmother's house just recently gave up the ghost.

sew nancy June 12, 2008  

those lamps are so pretty
i can't wait to decorate my new place
these babies of mine take up so much time:)
i'm so excited that i read all the comments from the last post because i'd love to make a clothespin bag from a baby dress
i've been jealous of yours ever since our birthdays...:

Nanette Merrill June 12, 2008  

ooooo so lovely! How darling, what a great find.

Anonymous,  June 13, 2008  

Ah those lamps are lovely!

Kate June 18, 2008  

LOVing those vintage lamps, love them so much, am definitely jealous!

robin ann mcintosh June 19, 2008  

I love your blog, you are so creative! I'm looking forward to learning more about you : )

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