Brown and aqua is always right

>> Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This is the standard reaction (by Frances) to any bag that is brought into the house

I don't have enough time to craft lately (well not as much as I'd like which is all the time), so I seem to be scooting over to etsy to find things that other people have made. It's odd when you know how to do it yourself, but practical or not, I love buying handmade things. I like to see which fabrics people choose to put together and how. I think it's similar to the stash impulse. Like I've bought a tiny bit of someone else's fabric stash.
I love the brown polka dot on the back

So today I received this wonderful quilted tote by the talented Ms. Minshall. Visit Sarah's etsy shop for lots of crafty treats.


Anonymous,  June 25, 2008  

I think Frances has the right idea! She looks right at home there.

Thanks again, Claire! :)

Johanna Masko June 26, 2008  

Super cute bag!! Yes, you can't miss with brown and aqua.

Anonymous,  June 28, 2008  

very pretty.

elisabetha June 30, 2008  

frances looks to be enjoying the tote quite happily. i would be too! :)

Kate July 02, 2008  

love it, and true, that color combo is always right on.

Anonymous,  July 08, 2008  

Love brown and aqua too. I've just been trying to convince a client of this fact, but she's having none of it. I finally got the blog entry posted about the ILVA store which features your lovely glass cabinet full of fabric goodies. Do visit, it was posted last week. Thank you for loaning the pic.

VSJensen July 09, 2008  

that bag is adorable! i love it!

Anonymous,  July 22, 2008  

Its true that its a lovely combo. Very sophis I think.

Anonymous,  August 04, 2008  

is that a bedspread beneath? whatever it is, i love it! where did you get it?

Claire Louise Milne August 05, 2008  

The sheets came for a discount store across from Honest Ed's on Bloor W of Bathurst. I can't remember the name but they were definitely a bargain!

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