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>> Friday, May 23, 2008

I almost finished the weekender over the long weekend, there's just a few more finishing details left to do, so in the meantime I thought I would post some of the progress pictures. As you probably know by now (this is a very popular bag!), the first part of the pattern involves putting together the two main panels complete with large pockets, handles and piping. (I've made one addition at this stage, maybe you can guess?)

The second part is the zippered top panel, which has pockets attached at either end.
One thing this pattern taught me was how to neatly sew in a zipper, with folds on either side so that when it's closed the zipper is hidden. And doing it step-by-step is very easy and it looks nicely finished when done. I added a little bit of bias tape for a zipper pull.

I made a few additions to the pattern. One of my favourite (and the simplest) is inner pockets. I cut pockets with the same rounded shape as the rest of the bag and also cut out pieces of the thick canvas lining. Then rather than trying to hem the pocket, I added bias tape trim all the way around to finish the edges and attach the lining to the outside, then sewed the pocket in place.

I used magnetic snaps for the pocket closures. It's my first time using these, and it turns out it's really simple. Just snip two tiny cuts (with pointy embroidery-type scissors) for the tabs to go through, then the tabs fold in and hold each side of the magnetic snap in place. It helps that the fabric was a sturdy canvas, I guess if you were using something flimsier you would need to use interfacing. Another extra detail I added are loops on either side to attach a detachable (longer) strap. I sewed the loops in place just behind the side pockets so it looks tidy. Right now the bag is assembled but not quite ready for it's photo shoot so I'll show the finished bag in my next post.


Cindy May 23, 2008  

i am so intimidated by that pattern - ugh! yours is going to be wonderful!

Anonymous,  May 25, 2008  

hey claire! this looks like an excellent bag to make. love the additions and your fabric choices! nice work young lady xx

cutfingerproductions May 26, 2008  

Hello there!I too am very intimidated by this pattern:) however...I am encouraged by your little talk....your bag is going to be beautiful. Thank you for the dose of courage......I just may tackle this one:)
PS> I am even more impressed you had the guts to rip one apart just because you didn't like the fabric. Very ambitious you are:)I need to stop by more often:) Laura

Johanna Masko May 26, 2008  

It looks great- so professional. Really nice craftsmanship, Claire!

Lucie May 27, 2008  

Your new bags are so elegant. And I really like all the tiny details you put in as it adds a lot of finish.

Unknown May 27, 2008  

I am so impressed - complicated bag and beautiful fabric!!!

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