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>> Thursday, May 29, 2008

These lilies of the valley showed up in our backyard. They last very well if you pick them, and with only these three the kitchen smells lovely!

We took a long break after the main part of our kitchen renovation was done and for the past few weeks we haven't done much at all. But there are still lots of finishing details to do (you know, minor things like baseboards). Recently we've been starting to get back into it and I finally cleared out all the paint and tools that were in one corner. If you're pausing in your renovation I recommend it. It's worth trouping out to our shed to get a paintbrush in exchange for a (sort of) tidy kitchen again.
Today I filled the big bare wall in the eating nook area (we're nook people) with shelves from IKEA. They're just plain white ones, rather than something charming and countryish but they match the cabinets and when we sell the house someday I can leave them behind without any regrets.
As you probably know by now I love monochromatic schemes, and especially blue so I've put lots of blue/green things on the shelves.
Sometimes I feel self-conscious about blogging, I suddenly realize I'm showing you pictures of my kitchen shelves, which is kind of trivial. And I worry I'm boring you. But before I put the shelves up I was looking around on Flickr (how pretty is this) to see how other people had arranged their shelves. And I was trying to decide if I was happy with this style of shelf, or if we should take them back. So my point is I guess I find it helpful when other people post pictures of their kitchen shelves and a surprisingly large number of people do.

While I was looking I also found this brilliant idea for the shelves - if you had a cat. I love how Egyptian the orange cat at the top looks.

p.s. I really really want that couch too


Anonymous,  May 29, 2008  

I love looking at your kitchen shelves. I love those shades of blue and green. I recently wrote about shoes, including pictures of my big feet, and tons of people left comments-there's plenty of room for these ordinary things, I think!

Rachael Hutchings May 29, 2008  

Definitely not boring! I love seeing the things that people do with their houses like this.

Anonymous,  May 30, 2008  

loving the house photos. keep them coming.

Anonymous,  May 30, 2008  

See, now if you hadn't posted photos of your kitchen shelves then I wouldn't be in some sort of intense passionate, almost wrong, love with all your crockery, and then were would we be?

Claire Louise Milne May 30, 2008  

Thank you for the comments! Now I feel better..
Anna: I love your comment! The blue dishes are Denby "Blue Linen" from the Bay. But I think they're discontinued recently.

Anonymous,  May 30, 2008  

hee- i get those sudden blog feelings too!
:) i love to see your place- i need ideas for mone!

Jannie aka Chickengirl May 30, 2008  

Boring? Not at all! I love to look at the way you set up your kitchen. Its very inspiring. I love the colors you picked out.

Janelle May 31, 2008  

Your shelves...your beautiful! I love the shades of blue you've pulled together. So happy you shared them.

And I can almost smell that lily-of-the-valley. I think I need to plant some!

toronto craft alert June 01, 2008  

your pictures feel like an all day massage, aromatherapeudic bath, and lying in a field of downy lavender bushes. when i go into my kitchen (painted hot pink and piled high with unwashed, mismatched crockery and cutlery) i do not get this feeling.

this was a nice thing to look at after an hour and a bit dish sesh!! thanks claire.

Anonymous,  June 02, 2008  

oh my goodness, that cat-stairs link is the best thing I've ever seen!!

also - your shelves look great. I have been considering buying the same ones from IKEA but using the "dark wood" option instead of the white. :)

Nanette Merrill June 02, 2008  

Dishes are so pretty. I love them. They are artistic to me in shape and color.

Concha June 03, 2008  

Well, I also post pictures of my kitchen shelves... Sometimes I worry thinking "is my blog getting to intimate? Where should I draw the line?" but my line is the people in my life, not my home. I LOVE your dishes and vintage pirex!

AngieK June 03, 2008  

Everything is arranged so lovely :-)

Anonymous,  June 03, 2008  

So refreshing and serene looking. It yells summer and lemonade. I Love it.

Anonymous,  June 04, 2008  

After all the remodeling we've done for the past two years, it took us having a party to finally install toe kicks and shoe molding in the kitchen. perhaps you need to entertain... it's a great motivator.

Your kitchen is lovely...I'm a big fan of aqua in the kitchen.

Lisa in Canada June 07, 2008  

I second NOT boring.
Lovely pics..inspirational and just plain pretty!
Thanx for sharing. :)

Anonymous,  June 08, 2008  

I love the look of your shelves. My great-grandpa in law decided to move into a senior home and I acquired his pyrex including a couple pieces like yours! One the pottery pieces you have looks like McCoy.

Definitely not boring. Inspiring!

Anonymous,  June 16, 2008  

Lovely! Those Pyrex mixing bowls are the ones my mom used when I was growing up and their now mine :)
My daughter broke one when she was about three "helping" mummy, but I enjoy the ones remaining. I LOVE your blue dishes, just what I've been looking for here in England.

Robin July 03, 2008  

I love reading about your kitchen renovation! You have great style so don't stop blogging about your home projects.

Christine July 23, 2008  

I just found your blog. Your shelf pictures are so not boring. I love looking at them. They look great.

Jazze Junque Inc. February 14, 2009  

Saw you on Flickr. Great Pyrex ~

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