Fifi and Frances hijinks

>> Thursday, March 27, 2008

When we moved into the new house last summer we packed away tons of our things in baskets and boxes including our two young sock monkeys, Fifi and Frances. A few weeks ago we found them and put them on the couch in our front room. Possibly the hibernation has made them even more rambunctious than previously because it seems they are always up to something silly.

For example, this is their new favourite game:
It's basically exactly what it looks like. They wedge themselves into either end of my folded quilt to make themselves look like one very long sock monkey. That's the game. It's pretty funny actually, every time I come into the room and find them like that I have to laugh.
Anyway, Bradley had a Cath Kidston catalogue around the house and there was a flyer with it for an easter egg painting contest. Well it's not really a contest, more of a draw, but all you do is paint your egg and email a picture and you can win a basket of Cath Kidston floral/gingham things.
(send a photograph of your "eggtrant" to with your name and address. closes 13/04/08)

Things have been busy with work lately and I wasn't going to bother but the monkeys were interested in having their portraits done in egg format. Well they didn't actually say that but they had the flyer around and were looking at it a lot. So last night Bradley drew Frances and I drew Fifi.

Speaking of work, I'm looking forward to showing you some of my new illustrations but I have to wait until the books are printed. So until then, I bring you the ongoing hijinks of Fifi and Frances.


ofpinsandneedles March 29, 2008  

Fifi and Frances are so great! Did you make them? xo

Heather April 01, 2008  

Those silly monkeys - adorable!

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