1930s basket quilt

>> Tuesday, March 04, 2008

First of all, no I didn't make this quilt. I bought it on ebay because I really wanted a vintage quilt, especially now that I'm working on one of my own. I've always loved them, but now that I'm making one I have lots of questions about all the details and I wanted to have one up close so I could sort of refer to it.

Then I saw this one and fell in love with it, I love the colour scheme with lots of white, and so many charming little floral and plaid vintage prints. Handmade quilts can be very expensive but this one was surprisingly not, and I think I know why. Vintage quilts seem to be valued on a few factors as far as I can tell, such as the overall condition and the evenness and size of the hand stitching. Patterns that are rare and especially one-of-a-kind are worth more. Quilts that have some history, such as a date and signature are in demand. Then there is the overall artistry, the way the colours and patterns work together.

This quilt is nicely quilted, but the stitches are a little uneven, the patches aren't perfectly aligned, and the stitches which seem so small to me are actually only 6-7 per inch which is good but not considered Expert. And this basket style of quilt is fairly common.

But these little flaws appeal to me, and helped me decide how I'd like my quilt to be. Not Expert, but still very appealing.
Some of the patterns look surprisingly modern, but I think that's because everything old is new again these days and a lot of designers take their inspiration from these old prints. I think the 1930s is my favourite time for fabric. This quilt is so nice because when I'm in bed I can just gaze adoringly at all the prints...
In the meantime I've started quilting my blue Irish Chain quilt... very slowly...


Nanette Merrill March 04, 2008  

Its so so so so beautiful. I think 30s is my favorite fabric era, too. I love looking at vintage blocks. I'm not perfect and my quilting isn't perfect and I see that those women were women just like me, imperfect but loving what they do. It makes me feel connected to those women. I think thats why I like vintage fabric so much, its the connection to the past.

YOur quilt is just lovely. Thanks for sharing it. And everyone loves baskets!

Berlinswhimsy March 04, 2008  

I haven't visited for awhile... Quilting must be in the air for I've returned to quilting again and was happy to see this beautiful vintage quilt here.

I love the vintage quilts and especially the 30s era fabrics.

I'm always amazed at what is not considered good handquilting! I'd be EXTREMELY pleased with myself if I could stitch 6-7 sts per inch. Heck, mine are probably more like 3!!

Anyhow, good luck with your quilting endeavors...

Jennifer March 06, 2008  

Gorgeous -- clearly you and the quilt were meant for each other!

Janelle March 06, 2008  

Oh oh oh oh OH...love that quilt! Love the colors, love the pattern! Good for you, finding such a treasure!

Johanna Masko March 07, 2008  

Oh Claire!! This quilt is a stunner!! Funny it's a basket block- I just made an experimental one today, but I sort of like the design of this one better...hmmm...

Anonymous,  March 10, 2008  

Lovely! I've actually started a "cherry basket quilt" - 3 years ago. I'm inspired to take it out again. I love '30's fabrics too.

valerie walsh March 11, 2008  

I LOVE this! i have made a few quilts and belonged to a quilting bee what feels like a lifetime ago! I always have a quilt on my bed and change them throughout the seasons. I am making one with vintage handkerchiefs and it is relaxing but has gone on for quite a long time...

Junie Moon March 11, 2008  

It's a lovely quilt and a great find! The colors are wonderful and I like the details I can see in the photos.

die-fadenwerkstatt March 16, 2008  

Up to now a basket block was not my favourite, but your quilt made me change my mind. Very beautiful.

Rebecca April 17, 2008  

sounds like a great deal on finding that quilt. when i've seen vintage quilts for sale, they're usually priced at $400 or $500 easy!

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