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I was tagged by Varenia Jensen recently for 7 things about me. I was reading Becky's new blog today and decided to post my own rubber ducky. And then it occurred to me I could tell you about it along with telling you some things about me.

1. First of all this ducky came in a tiny kit that was given to a friend's grandma on the airplane when visiting from England. I think it also came with a tiny toothpaste and other things like that. This grandma was not interested in the kit, possibly because poor eyesight precluded much enjoyment of such tiny things. So the friend received the kit and then gave it to me because I love kits. And tiny things. Preferably things with a purpose, not just knick-knacks. Not that this duck has a purpose but I've always wanted one and never had much room so having the smallest one ever was kind of convenient.

2. Speaking of not having much room, there's a reason for all the organization you're seeing on my blog. I've always lived in a pretty small space. Before this house, my husband and I shared a 400-square-foot condo. And we did quite well, but everyone thought we were crazy and now that we're ensconsed in a palatial 600-square-foot house I quite agree.

3. Anyway back when we were living in the condo a certain small visitor of ours, perhaps at the age of 3, discovered this rubber ducky on a visit to the bathroom. Played with it for a bit then pocketed it and took it home. I didn't notice until I got a call from her dad who mentioned that she had the ducky and would be returning it. Now there a couple things about me here that I could tell you.

4. First of all, I did things like that All The Time when I was little. Just weird little errors in judgment. Such as the time I cut off all my eyelashes (because I thought the eyelash stubble would feel interesting - which it did) and was barred from using scissors for ages. Which was a real punishment for someone who loved cut and paste as much as I did.

5. Second of all, I was quite sympathetic and thought she should just keep the ducky and she was welcome to it. But I knew that wasn't allowed because she had to learn the Lesson. Don't Go To Someone's House, Find Something You Like, Pick it Up and Take it Home. Anyway now that it's been returned and a couple of years have gone by maybe I can give it back to her now. Which is what I wanted to do it the first place and shows you I'd be hopeless at teaching such lessons.

6. Which brings me to another thing about me. I still have the thing. I'm not really attached to it anymore but I wouldn't just throw it out. In general I do get attached to things and can't let them go. But I'm getting better and lately I've been giving all kinds of things away. I think it's part of being Anthea Turnered, or generally influenced by all those tidying & decorating shows. And it does feel really good, because you appreciate the things you have, the space and being able to find things.
7. And finally in case you think my place is looking really incredibly organized and nice, believe me, those are the pictures I'm showing you, and there are still plenty of things still lying around waiting to be sorted out. And the house still needs tons of work that we can't really afford to do right now - for example you can see in the picture above, a giant (1970s?) washing machine that we have crammed into our bathroom. There's really nowhere else to put it and it's such an eyesore.

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VSJensen February 19, 2008  

i love your rubber ducky facts! what a great story!

Anonymous,  February 22, 2008  

I did enjoy that.
I have a couple of those ducks too. They were in the Virgin Atlantic flight pack. I always meant to make mine into earrings.

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