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>> Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I've just finished an illustration project which was a series of illustrations of parents and babies. The illustrations were for a booklet about baby care. I loved this project!

Here are some of my favourites: I've updated my web site current page design so that it's now easier to navigate. Each sample includes a detail of the illustration on the right. Now I just have to finish updating the rest of the pages!

Speaking of getting my work out there, needle book is now included on the web site Jacket Flap, a site which has a collection of blogs related to children's publishing. If you're interested in children's publishing this seems like a great way to catch up.

Also, our friendly group of illustrators, Illustration for Kids, now has a new blog. I haven't posted myself yet, but it's next on my "to do" list. My fellow children's illustrators are a really talented bunch, so be sure to visit!


Junie Moon February 21, 2007  

The illustrations are lovely!

Anonymous,  February 22, 2007  

Aww. Look at the first little crying baby! Don't you feel sad for him?? Luckily he's getting a little cuddle.

Mary J. February 23, 2007  

I just love those! Of course, I bought more mainstream 1st year books recently, but I wish they had charming pics like these!

Sevan March 04, 2007  

Those pictures are so sweet and whimsical, yet they look like people I could know. Well done!

Costa Blanca April 23, 2007  

Your images are truly professional, you obviously have a lot of talent. I love the colors. Did you do a special course on graphic design?

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