Kite Friends - top ten!

>> Thursday, December 01, 2011

I had an email from Spoonflower this morning, my Kite Friends fabric was in the top ten for this weeks design contest! It snuck in at #10. I was thrilled. Extra fun: getting to see pics of my fabric before it's arrived in my mailbox. Since it was in the top ten, this design is now available in my shop. *Today is the last day of 2-for-1 fat quarters.*

And a last minute reminder about A Handmade Holiday this Saturday. I love this video insight into the Kid Icarus shop and creative process. I also spotted my plaid coffee sleeve in the third shot!


Jannie aka Chickengirl December 08, 2011  

I want to get this fabric so bad and use it for something! Its so cute!! If only I had some time to sew!

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