Spoonflower calendar contest

>> Tuesday, November 08, 2011

It's been busy this week but I wanted to find time to fit in a design for the Spoonflower calendar contest The deadline is November 8th (today!). It's a storybook cottage in the woods with a 2012 calendar on the roof. If you like my design you can vote for me on Spoonflower starting tomorrow (click on the picture above if you'd like to see it larger).

The contest preview was on a 18 x 21" fat quarter, so this is how I designed it, but the cotton/linen tea towel fabric is a different size so I may reformat the design to fit. Alternatively I think it could make a nice poster.

UPDATE: I've formatted this design for cotton/linen which is perfect for a teatowel. The storybook cottage teatowel calendar is available on Spoonflower here. Each fat quarter is a tea towel, you just need to trim the edges and hem. The updated image is on Flickr here.


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