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>> Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So this is another doll pattern that's been in my to-do archives for ages. It's a free pattern that the amazingly talented Mimi Kirchner created for Purl Soho. As you probably know, Mimi works with wool felt and embellishes her dolls with applique and embroidery to make them extra special.
This pattern is perfect the way it is, but I ended up making a few changes for mine. Bradley had bought me a beautiful felted wool fabric pack for my birthday which I was dying to use. But this felt wasn't the dense commercial kind that won't unravel. So I added a seam allowance when cutting out the pattern pieces.
I also decided to make the doll a wee bit smaller to fit in with the size of dolls I've been making lately. So I printed out the pattern at 80%. And as usual I did the face and hair a little bit in my own way. This was my first time stitching a raised nose, it's so simple and effective.
Then lastly I didn't have a big enough piece to do the dress as is, so I used the light blue felt for the body and arms so it looks like a sweater, then made a dark blue skirt in the style of the pattern. Mimi does this with some of her girl dolls and it's so charming.
Lastly I added extra pieces, a little coat and bag, also inspired by Mimi's creations. I love the sweet little feet for this pattern, I embellished the boots with embroidered laces. A big thank you to Mimi for sharing this lovely pattern.

You can make this doll yourself, just nip over to The Purl bee for the pattern. And while you're at it, be sure to visit Mimi's blog for an endless array of beautiful and inspiring work.

If you get the chance, you're invited to the Spring Trunk Sale at the Workroom. One day only, 12-5pm on Sunday, May 15th. I have a table there, and will be bringing everything in my shop plus a few extras I have tucked away and even some sewing themed rummage!


Jess May 11, 2011  

Mimi's dolls are so inspiring.
It's been a while, but I used to spend nearly hour-long stretches browsing through her beautiful creations.
I love your new doll! I may need one of Mimi's in my life too.

AMCSviatko May 11, 2011  

Just checking that you know about Salley Mavor's work:

Lucie May 11, 2011  

Your dolls are so very charming.

Jend222,  May 12, 2011  

adorable! Hummmmm, feeling inspired again! Need to quit the day job ....

mimi k May 16, 2011  

She is so adorable- I love how she came out!

Sarah H,  May 17, 2011  

So cute! Amazing :)

Nettie May 29, 2011  

She's lovely!! I made my Mimi doll into Frida Kahlo! I love how versatile this pattern is!

Rachel January 04, 2012  

Hi, I came across your blog by chance whilst looking for Mimi's dolls. I'm attempting to make my first dollshouse doll so have scaled the pattern to size. I love your interpetation, her face is lovely! So pleased I found your blog, I'm also a children's Illustrator, just love your work!! Best wishes, Rachel

Anna January 08, 2012  

Hi, I love your doll. And your own touches are very good. I would like to ask you for advice, how to make rised nose. I would like to try to make this doll. Can you answer me on my e-mail?

Anna January 08, 2012  

Hi, I love your doll and your finishing touches which changed her look. I would like to ask you for advice how to make a raised nose. I would like to try making this doll.Could you write it on my e-mail?Thanks.

Claire Louise Milne January 13, 2012  

Hi Anna,
You didn't leave me your email so I'll answer here. You stitch from side to side on the area you want the nose, and as you sew each stitch pull tightly and it will make a little raised bump.
Hope this helps you!

Anna January 14, 2012  

oops. I am sorry, that I forgot to write my e-mail. But Thank you a lot for your answer and advice.

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