Single girl assembled

>> Monday, July 27, 2009

a glimpse of our new backyard

The "single girl" quilt is now assembled. It turns out I had only bought enough batting and backing fabric for the twin size so I couldn't make it larger after all.I finished the piecing last week, then sewed together the back panel which is orange floral My Folklore fabric. Before assembling you can use the template provided in the pattern to mark the hand quilting lines. I liked the way the circles look so I did use the pattern.

Here's a picture that shows the hand quilting:
I marked the lines on with a 2B pencil

I've done the bottom row of the quilt so far. It's a twin so it shouldn't take too long, except insofar as it always takes too long to finish hand quilting a quilt. I'm already thinking about my next quilt so I have to try to stay motivated to finish this one.
I basted with safety pins this time, much quicker!

A detail of the hand quilting stitches


KS July 27, 2009  

Stumbled on your blog hand-stitched that whole thing?? Amazing! My great-grandmother made a quilt for me when I was born and ever since I've wanted to make my own (it's old and hole-y and just perfect now) but I think I'd have to use a machine :)

Quinn,  July 27, 2009  

It looks amazing, Claire! Great work!

Claire Louise Milne July 27, 2009  

Thanks Karen, I used a machine for the piecing stage - but I'm going to be hand quilting it.
Thanks Quinn :-)

karyn July 29, 2009  

what a cute backyard! and the quilt, as i've said everytime i've seen it, is so incredibly pretty.

Jen July 29, 2009  

Very ambitious! I love the colors you chose for the rings.

Rashida August 02, 2009  

Oh this is just lovely! I really love the colors. ^_^ I have the pattern for this but have yet to try it. Did you find it difficult?

Claire Louise Milne August 05, 2009  

I found this pattern time consuming but not really difficult.

Jess November 11, 2009  

Hi I love your quilt! I just received my single quilt pattern and my ring fabrics but I am now scared! How long did it take you to cut and piece together your quilt??? I am feeling a bit overwhelemed...

Claire Louise Milne November 13, 2009  

Good luck with the quilt, it is time consuming but choosing your fabrics can be the fun part!
It will be worth it in the end.

p.s. commenting didn't work on your blog...

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