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>> Saturday, November 01, 2008

It's been over a month since our holiday and we're feeling nostalgic so even though it's kind of old news I thought I'd finally post some pictures.

First of all, I love Scotland. We flew to Glasgow, but our main plan was to visit Edinburgh where I lived for a year when I was 9 years old. My dad (a math professor) was on sabbatical for the year and we loved it in Edinburgh. It's hard to believe I haven't managed to get back for a visit until this year.

Edinburgh is the most beautiful city ever. It's as if it's secretly in the country because it's surrounded by hills and forests and farms and when you climb the hills the views are stunning. But it still has all the beautiful old architecture and fun shopping of a big city.

But my favourite spot is in our old neighbourhood where we lived almost directly below Blackford Hill. So naturally Blackford Hill was the first place I had to go and it was every bit as wonderful as I remembered it. If not better. Luckily Bradley loves it too now, so hopefully we can go back soon!
This is the duck pond below Blackford Hill. I used to walk around this pond with my doll in a doll pram lent to me by the girl who had lived in our apartment that we sublet for the year. It's hard to see in the picture but there's a large oval path around the pond. It sits just below the forested area at the bottom of the hill.
This is a view of our apartment (see the white arrow on the right) - in one of a set of 3 matching buildings.
This is typical scenery on the hill with mossy grass, gorse bushes, and farms in the distance behind the hill.
Grassy paths and big rocky patches on the hill top.Surrounding the hill is a forest with walking paths
A view of Arthur's Seat. A larger hill we didn't have time to climb. Next time for sure! In the summer the grass is much taller - high enough to make forts and be hidden from sight.
More of the view - rows of houses and some hills in the distance
My brother was asking if the allotments are still there, so here's a picture. This is also the spot where we saw some rabbits... good spot to live - near the lettuces and carrots!
view of Edinburgh castle in the distance

My pictures don't do it justice! Well I tried. I'll show more of Edinburgh in another post...


emdot November 18, 2008  

Oh, I love it too! I spent a winter there in 1998/99 and just really fell in love with wonderful Edinburgh and all other places I visited as well.

Your photos totally took me back. What an amazing place (with great people too).

Victoria Findlay Wolfe November 18, 2008  

LOVE SCOTLAND!!! I agree! most beautiful place I've ever been. great photos! thanks for sharing. I'm married to a scots.

Katie November 18, 2008  

Gorgeous shots! I love Scotland and am proud to have Scottish heritage!

Susan Mitchell November 19, 2008  

Such lovely, green photographs. When we go, everything will look a lot frostier but still pretty none the less. I don't think I truly appreciated how beautiful Edinburgh is, until I left it. Now, whenever we visit, I see it with new eyes :)

Gigi November 19, 2008  

Gorgeous pictures! I love Scotland too, but I've only gotten to visit there once several years ago. Must try to get back some day soon!

Lisa PN November 20, 2008  

These photos are amazing. I think that i should get to Scotland sometime soon. It look wonderful!

elisabetha November 21, 2008  

oh, i do miss edinburgh!! beautiful architecture, lovely views, and the friendliest people - i'll have to go back again to visit blackford hill!

Edinburgh Airport hotel November 12, 2009  

nice blog!!will surely visit to scotland ,wonderful to visit.

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