A Friend for Mr. Granville

>> Wednesday, January 02, 2008

This is the latest book I've illustrated, called A Friend for Mr. Granville by Gillian Richardson, published by Scholastic Canada. My copy from the publisher arrived amidst all the busyness of December and I've been showing it to friends but am just getting around to posting it here. I'm quite proud of this book, I really loved the story and I enjoyed working on the illustrations. There were 24 greyscale illustrations to do for the inside as well as the colour cover.

This book was first published in 1997. My edition is a levelled reader (called Moving up with Literacy Place) to be sold to schools. This means you can't buy this edition in a bookstore, which is something I still aspire to.

Here are some more of the illustrations: The story is about a boy who visits a senior's home with his class. He notices one man who is always sitting looking out the window on his own and only lights up one day when he sees a family playing with a dog outside. The boy decides to try to arrange for this man to have a dog of his own. Of course it doesn't happen easily, the boy and his friends do extra chores to try to earn the money for the dog, only to find out that the senior's home won't take him!I tried to make the dog the kids chose look as lovable as possible. Who wouldn't want this dog??And here's a detail of the cover. For me, finally seeing printed copies of books I've illustrated is one of the best parts of being an illustrator. My other thrill is getting new projects to work on and knowing I'll be busy. I just found out this week that I have another project coming my way from one of my favourite clients which made me feel cheerful about the new year (although very busy because I'm still working on another book while we're trying to assemble our IKEA kitchen!). Starting out as a freelance illustrator a couple of years ago turned out to be my most difficult "new job" experience ever, but definitely the most rewarding.

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Jennifer January 02, 2008  

What a sweet, wonderful dog! Thanks for sharing, and congratulations both on this publication and the ongoing, new work.

Anonymous,  January 02, 2008  

Beautiful, Claire! Thanks for sharing so many aspects of this book! The pup does indeed look loveable and cute!

Jannie aka Chickengirl January 02, 2008  

I love the doggie. Hes so cute. Its a thrill getting the printed samples, isn't it! I never get tired of it.

Great job!!!

Anonymous,  January 02, 2008  

well done! i'd like that little dog, he is very sweet.
and good luck with the kitchen assemblage - we were very lucky when we did ours, as my dad fitted it all perfectly for us xx
happy new year

Nora January 02, 2008  

Thanks so much for sharing your work! What great illustrations! Happy new year!

Jayne January 03, 2008  

Congratulations, Claire! How exciting! I love the illustrations--and you got the dog's face just right. Wonderful. You are truly multi-talented.

Junie Moon January 04, 2008  

How wonderful to see your work in print. Your rendition of the little dog is adorable!

macati January 04, 2008  

I wish you a great 2008 full of good surprises!

JanKnit January 04, 2008  

How wonderful! I'll have to donate a copy to our school!

Mary Beth January 07, 2008  

I love your illustrations and the story sounds charming. Congratulations! You are so talented.

Omar Cruz January 07, 2008  
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Kerry January 08, 2008  

I love your drawings, and what a sweet story too - it's really moving and your art is a big part of that. Congratulations!

Unknown January 08, 2008  

What a great book! Congratulations!

Anonymous,  January 12, 2008  

I wish I knew how it ended! I love how you didn't show the other dog's face in the shelter, so we wouldn't be feeling sorry for that one, too! Very clever.

And he is a most loveable looking pup.

Claire Louise Milne January 12, 2008  

Thank you for such a nice comment, and for noticing that little detail, it's lovely that someone noticed that!

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