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>> Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I received my new "needle book" labels! I've wanted some for a while and looked around at other people's blogs to see what they had and where they ordered it from. I finally settled on, based on the price, delivery time and existing templates that I could use with nice styles. They were featured in Martha Stewart and if it's good enough for Martha it's good enough for me. (Hmm, I wonder how often people say that? Well I googled it and there's only three of us that I can see. I would have expected more than that.)

Nancy from Sew Nancy asked where I bought mine a while ago, so sorry for the delay replying. One tip I found for Canadians is that they charge more to deliver to a home address, so if you can have them delivered to your office you can save there. This is what they look like when you receive them, rows of three labels held together with tape:
I ordered two batches (brown text on white), the other ones are the same but on a wider tape for larger items, those go on bags and pouches. These go on my needle books.
Another great item for your craft business, are rubber stamps. I have two now, I was so happy with the first one I ordered another. The first one I bought is for stamping my info and copyright onto postcards. I created lineart of one of my illustrations in Illustrator then added the text and uploaded to the site. The stamps are very nice quality and you can buy your own ink for them in any colour. These were from Simon's Stamps. The site is so great, you can upload your image yourself and preview it and do it a few times until you're happy with it and then you place your order. I think the prices are very reasonable too.
The second stamp I bought was for a reply address with a new lineart version of a recent watercolour. This is so useful I can't tell you, I used to print out colour labels with an illustration on them but it became an extra chore when sending packages. Of course you can just write your address, or print labels with the text only but where's the fun in that?


Anonymous,  November 07, 2007  

I just ordered those from namemaker! And now I've been eyeing rubber stamps, I love yours.

Casey Maura November 07, 2007  

Thank you *so much* for the links and recommendations!! I've been needing to purchase both labels and a stamp (or two... ;) for my business, and was starting to do some research into where to get these things. I love both your stamps... so lovely! :)

Lisa PN November 07, 2007  

Thanks so much for the tips! I think i might order a rubberstamp!
It's a small world, i found out that you know Sarah Selecky! She writes the book reviews for the newsletter that i publish and i think she's awesome! Hope this finds you well and warm!

HomeMadeOriginals November 08, 2007  

Thanks for the information, I've been thinking about a stamp and labels.

crystal driedger November 08, 2007  

Great idea and beautiful design.I might just do something similar with my artwork to save time. :)

Anonymous,  November 08, 2007  

I feel like liking rubber stamps is lame somehow, but I can't stop myself. I love them!

Jannie aka Chickengirl November 08, 2007  

ohh I am in love with your rubber stamps! They turned out so great, especially the kitty on the boat one. I am very surprised it holds that much detail very well. Now u just got me started to get my own stamps!

The labels look really cool too.

Unknown November 09, 2007  

Fancy Weaver at ebay is good, too. I bought from them and namemaker at the same time. I wrote about it here:

I've been thinking about a rubber stamp and you've really inspired me!

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy November 10, 2007  

Really lovely, Claire. The stamps look splendid. Very professional yet personal.


Marisa November 13, 2007  

Very very nice labels. Thanks for the cool links. Love your blog.

Crafts by Alice November 20, 2007  

Thanks so much for your insight. I have been wanting to order some labels and a rubber stamp for some time. Your stamp is amazing!

Megan Noel November 20, 2007  

i love the stamps! i got some made from my pen and ink drawings at at
that is a neat site because you can also get matching business cards :)

søren November 21, 2007  

that's weird - I have a rubber stamp I got from a place in my town, BUT, Simon's Stamps is just a couple of towns over!
I've been looking for a good place to get those tapes, thank you so much!

Callie November 21, 2007  

I've also ordered from Fancyweaver via eBay with great success! You can use any font, any color, etc - and the price is great. They have a website now: Now I want a rubber stamp!

Anonymous,  November 21, 2007  

What perfect timing! I just thought to myself today how I wanted to order some labels and here I stumbled upon your timely post! Thank you for the great information!!

søren November 22, 2007  

Hi, which style of labels are those? They look like the ones that take a month to get there, is that right? (Those are the one I think I like best, but I like yours, so I'm hoping I'm missing something!)

Claire Louise Milne November 22, 2007  

Yes, these did take a few weeks to arrive, I can't remember exactly how long but it was hard to wait!

Duck November 25, 2007  

that's funny, i just happened to see this on the craft mag feed and decided to check it out

my father in law is the printer at namemaker

so he most likely printed those

and for anybody ordering them...
it gets busy this time of year, like it does everywhere else so it may take a while

Claire Louise Milne November 25, 2007  

Thanks for the extra info Duck!

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