Good Catch Motherlode Craft Fair

>> Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Illustration by Becky from Sweetie Pie Press

So guess what? I was invited to participate in my first craft fair! At first I was worried I wouldn't have time, I have a lot going on, but then I figured it sounds like such a nice group and a good chance to try it out.

What will I be selling? Well I have some knitted bags that are always expensive to ship, so I figured a craft fair was a better venue for them. That includes the finished verson of this:And I have my bird card sets, and I found some lovely thick vintage cotton fabric with a tree pattern that I'm going to whip up into cute totes. I have some jewellery that hasn't made it into the shop yet. I have some needle books that just need to be embroidered, so hopefully those will be ready in time. And possibly some more pouches. So much to do so little time!

Here's the info:
Good Catch Motherlode Craft Fair
Saturday 12 May 2007
Good Catch General Store
1556 Queen Street West
(Back Yard)
Toronto, ON


Anonymous,  May 09, 2007  

hey Claire - that's great about the craft fair. I was I was going to be in town this weekend to stop by! Next time, I guess!!

sew nancy May 09, 2007  

that's exciting.
have fun.

Berlinswhimsy May 10, 2007  

The little design on the tote is so wonderful!

Anonymous,  May 14, 2007  

So, how'd it go?

Art & Disorder May 21, 2007  


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