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>> Friday, December 29, 2006

My new thing over the holidays has been making jewellery. I've done beading over the years, then put it aside for awhile in favour of all the textile type stuff. But I felt inspired over the holidays and have got back into the jewellery.

I actually have a large box with two large drawers filled with tons and tons of beads and findings. I love buying beads and things, but then I don't always get around to making things with them. I'll show you the box sometime, it's quite a collection.

My favourite materials are swarovski crystals and pearl beads with silver findings. I've also been wanting to make something with my two favourite beads that were a gift from Bradley, a tiny white elephant bead, and a tiny pink bird bead (both made from mother of pearl). The two necklaces I made from these beads are keepers, but the most of my other creations are going into my etsy shop.

The top of the page shows my white elephant necklace, and this is the pink bird version:
Some blue amazonite, swarovski crystal and glass bead earrings (given as a gift to my friend Jaimie):
Freshwater pearl silver flower decorated earrings:
Matching necklace with a freshwater pearl, new and vintage crystals:
Swarovski crystal earrings in pink and brown:
And lastly, this necklace is about to go into the shop... it has a grey freshwater pearl that I love, also from Sassy Bead Co. It's not one of the black pearls you see more often but a lovely silvery grey colour. I've looked for more of the mother of pearl beads at the Sassy Bead co. where they came from but they didn't have any left. I think they had some other animals...but the elephant and bird were my favourites. Has everyone noticed all the new bead stores on Queen West? It seems to be a real bead neighbourhood there - you can find just about anything. I think I still like Arton best - they really do have great prices.

Ok, back to knitting...


Anonymous,  December 30, 2006  

is'nt it wonderful when you re-unite with an old craft? your peices are beautiful.

Dorie December 30, 2006  

These are all so pretty. Especially the bird one.

Dorydee December 31, 2006  

Beautiful! you should definitely play around with beads more often!

Anonymous,  December 31, 2006  

These are so delicate and lovely, I can really appreciate them because I am rubbish at wire work - mine always end up looking all wrong. You have a wonderful way of grouping the crystals and findings.

Claire Louise Milne January 01, 2007  

thank you everyone! thanks for such a nice compliment Sonya. I had trouble at first, but I found having more pliers helps, I use a round one inside the loop then a flat tip one to hold the end of the wire while wrapping. Then lots of mistakes and practise!

Anonymous,  January 02, 2007  

Those are all so gorgeous! As usual, I am mesmerized. Light drool.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous,  January 29, 2007  

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Anonymous,  July 06, 2007  

AWESOME!!!!these r soooo very beautiful...

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